Jul 5

Being an introvert doesn't mean you dont like social interactions. It means you need alone time in order to recharge. ;-)

Jul 4

I’m pretty sure they have a symbol that tells you how long it's good after it was opened. That should be enough.

Jul 2

Queen Sono is amazing. I'm happy they announced a 2nd season 

Jun 11

I recently upgraded my fridge from a tiny one with the tiniest freezer compartment to a 2m monster with a big freezer unit.
Leftovers, eggs and toast are on top, below tofu and random stuff like sliced veggis in tupper ware, below that a lazy susan with various dairy products and next to it other random (mostly sweet) s Read more

Jun 1

My mom's neighbor owns one and I see them mowing soccer fields, so they're 100% out there. ;-)

May 21

Why such a low temperature for a refrigerator? I keep mine at 7°C (45°) and might maybe change it to 5/41 if it gets significantly warmer here, maybe not.

May 14

It’s like parents who act like this are shocked that kids are work.
My boss acts like a martyr (Covid home schooling, vacations aren’t really a vacation, no time for anything, no money) and then is taken back by my reaction of “Yeah, that’s why I don’t have kids, thanks for reminding me.”
Not here for that bullshit and Read more

May 14

Ugh, my older sister
Having children has really brought out the worst and the cherry on top is that one of her biggest complains about her husband is, that he is helping too much. Like, he is helping too much and because of that she feels inadequate. Girl!! O.O

The few times I said something she went ballistic, so now Read more

May 2

Ah, I know that feeling. Had been living with my mom and then with roommates until I was 32 and always kind of knew but never knew the absolute extend of how much that was not my way of living.
There was so much weight that was just...gone after I found my own little place.

Apr 29

So true ::sigh:: and since my vacation plans fell through I'm like Yeah, more money for more stupid crap! 

Apr 20

Ugh, explains why your cousin felt confident to act like that. I'm glad it never happened, but still.... O.o

Apr 13

First time I just stood there for like 10min before I went for it.  Quite addictive to be honest.

Apr 12

I’d love to be able to show a video of someone actually jumping down, but it’s super doxxing (in regards to my home town). It looks insane and it is one of my life goals now.
Never seen any local doing it, we just roll over the edge and down roller coaster style.

It’s actually pretty funny whenever any mountain biker Read more