10:38 PM

Separation anxiety is the worst. I used to go in (or send in the hubs), calm her down in the crib but not pick her up. Each time I returned I’d wait a minute or two longer to go in. So she knew I was there but that she wasn’t getting extra playtime, just the knowledge she wasn’t alone. It didn’t always work but it did Read more

5:36 PM

I am not a nurse, but can I give a huge shout-out to all the nurses who work in NICUs? Because you ladies and gentlemen are the epitome of grace under pressure and I don’t think you can possibly know how much you mean to the parents and family members of the babies you care for. Read more

2:04 PM

Yeah. The idea that accommodations that don’t keep mothers with nursing infants and young children from paticipating in a wide variety of situations, as they have traditionally been, are anti-feminist simply because not all women have children is hard for me to wrap my mind around. And the suggestion that it’s Read more

12:31 PM

This is kind of...weird. You’re saying “mothers need flexibility but it’s wrong for this mother to ask for flexibility because other people also need flexibility”? It’s like you’re attacking her for asking for flexibility, but then also saying she needs it but you’re mad at her for asking for it because other people Read more

9:44 PM

Save your “um” for someone else. As I explained to Slowham, throwing around terms like “quality of education” glosses over the real obstacles, and when someone says that we aren’t encouraging all of our students to go to college, I’m going to tell them to stick it in their ear. Read more

12:55 PM

Pants are awful. They suck. They are like fabric tubes of leg torture. I had to wear jeans to work yesterday. We were outside. I literally had to peel them off my body when I got home. I had swamp ass like I’d never seen. Read more

10:33 PM

Your spray-bottle is an excellent idea. I will now keep an empty Windex spray-bottle filled with a few sploogles of Dawn and two cups of water for just this purpose. Fruit-flies-be-gone!

10:51 AM

My brother worked for a charter school at one point — its founder sexually harassed employees, was probably skimming money (had countless cars and a boat), employed a bunch of his family members in the school, and had no significant achievement boost over schools in similar situation. Read more

11:50 PM

This is nothing like a MUA expertise rant, but I am so sick of hearing the following:

Must be nice getting off at 3! Why should you get a paycheck for a full year when you only work 9 months? Teachers get paid way too much! Stop complaining about your work—you chose to do it! Schools today are horrible! You teachers Read more