Apr 15 2017

The world is so backward right now.

Dec 10 2016

Joe mccarthy is spinning at about 10000 rpms in his grave.

May 25 2016

Another vote for the fact First Class was the superior movie to DOFP. Bloated is an excellent descriptor of that movie.

May 25 2016

First Class was mediocre at best. Other than the handful of main characters (Xavier, Magneto, Mystique, Shaw), everyone felt like they were picked because they were the cheapest/most desperate actors for the job. Seriously, did anyone give a crap that Darwin died? Or that Angel switched sides? Read more

Mar 25 2016

Why are we surprised that the sequel to Man of Steel would be just as bad, if not worse? Cuz we’re not just dragging Supes down into the gutter, but pretty much the entire DCU as well. I don’t want my Superman film to be DARK AND BROODING. I want it colorful. I want it vibrant. I want it to give me a sense of hope and Read more

Jan 5 2016

its Nathan Fillion as Captain Malcolm Reynolds

Aug 14 2014

All good things to those who putz around with the Hound.

Aug 12 2014

That's a pretty good way to put it. The game itself (meaning the gameplay, the graphics, and the controls) are all top notch.

It's missing the humor though, and as a result is a very, very dark game.

Aug 11 2014

Because e-sports ruined the genre. We don't make RTS games for fun anymore, just competition.

Jul 13 2014

Soooooooooo, based on 0.27, the Doctor needed something calibrated?

Jul 7 2014

Rose, next to Adric, is the second worst companion in Doctor Who history. The idea of a companion bringing back hope and kindness into a battle scarred Doctor is a great idea, which is why I tolerate her in Series 1. The problem is that the show never seems to be portray her with any flaws, or addresses the flaws she

Jul 7 2014

To be fair, EVERYTHING in Tartakovsky's Star Wars cartoon is 1,000% more badass than the prequels.

Jul 7 2014

What we were promised:

Feb 5 2014

We need to have a discussion about fractions.

Dec 12 2013

The Jedi order is obviously one big tax scam. Palpatine had to take drastic measures to get the money they owed. On a side note, the IRS will do the same to your younglings if you don't pay up.

Dec 5 2013

Um, excuse me, that's not "a" zombie that's the Tank.

Dec 4 2013

Remember the glory days when the only thing people ever knew NJ for was the Sopranos? Wasn't that great?

Nov 29 2013

Fart monsters. Russel T. Davies actually thinks people want to see that.