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Dec 6 2019

Yeah, my company just bought a fleet of K.A. 350's for the program I work on after contracting all the work out to contractors . Between all the phase maintenance and major ones, plus a fixing them for stuff that goes wrong just through routine use, I don’t think I would ever want to own one. Plus, we moved equipment Read more

Dec 6 2019

Owning a plane is wildly expensive and not really comparable to owning a car, and though in some ways it is like a house, your house doesn’t cost hundreds or thousands of dollars an hour to operate (yes, an hour). On top of the mentioned fuel and overhaul cost, there are a myriad of items that require an annual Read more

Aug 8 2019

I didn’t watch this one because I’ve watched enough of his videos to know that he’ll annoy me with inaccuracies.

Aug 8 2019

It’s been over a decade since I’ve taken mechanical physics and his explanation of grip makes me see fucking red. Jesus, that was awful.

Aug 8 2019

I was under the impression that third party docks are somewhat risky for the Switch. Not sure I’d trust a Kickstarter product to get it right.

Jun 5 2019

“The goal with this Uptis Tweel is to completely rid the average consumer of tire maintenance” Read more

Mar 30 2019

I give a fuck. This is absolute bullshit and I am in disbelief that none of them appear to have fucking common sense. This is a horrible act and the police who opened fire on this person are not just cowards, but murderers. 

Mar 22 2019

NO! It was not built by me, nor was it built by one of my employees. It was a copy of an E34 M5 V12/6spd that we did and was performed by a local (to us) unlicensed junk yard. It was done with a used E32 750iL engine, but I believe the 6spd gearbox was a new part. Don’t quote me on that though, it was a long time ago Read more

Mar 15 2019

Mmaybe. Maybe he’s building a sturdy carport or something and his company was gonna scrap it. I worked at a place where people would take random shit like this home all the time if we were gonna toss it.

Mar 15 2019

Not a steel beam, as he wouldn’t be able to lift it. Looks like aluminum for scaffolding. My hunch is he stole it and is planning to scrap it. 

Mar 9 2019

I kinda of want the supra to be over and done with by now. I’m already sick of it and it hasn’t even come out yet. SHOO.

Dec 18 2018

Switch Online is Nintendo’s first paid online gaming service, right? Nope. In 1999, Nintendo added the Internet to its Nintendo 64 hardware, by way of a disk drive add-on called the 64DD. Read more