EisenBolan, SJW
Apr 4 2017

In a generation or two.he will be seen as more myth then reality if Trump et al.have their way. Read more

Mar 21 2017

History degree here. This is absolutely true. In fact written documents were released that Edward VIII and Wallis Simpson were conspiring with the NAZIS to get him back on the throne and he had agreed to basically be a puppet king. The British government and the royal family found out and they were exiled to the Read more

Feb 11 2017

Formula feeding will not hurt the kid. Lots of women can’t breastfeed for whatever reason, and their kids are fine. (the baby in question is healthy and happy, according to the article)

Feb 8 2017

Um... no, Jacqueline’s daughter chased Danielle out of a restaurant and pulled her hair. That’s what happened. Jacqueline and her daughter were insane.

Feb 8 2017

Yes, sadly Bouffant and Jacqueline are still on the show. Which is why I would like Danielle back— to drive those two nuts.

Feb 1 2017

Absolutely. I have MSNBC on as background noise a lot (too much), and I’ve only seen him a few times. He should have his own hour. And bring back Thomas Roberts!

Nov 26 2016

Yeah, a couple years ago I came upon a theme of much of the media I consumed ages 16-20: queer/gay fiction. Openly or otherwise (I also did the mid 2000s version of binge watching Queer As Folk by borrowing it sequentially from my college library as it came available on DVD). Read more

Oct 22 2016

Not illegal by any stretch of the imagination. But it would be highly unusual for anyone in Trump’s position to sue someone for something like this. For one thing, there is no one more public than a presidential candidate (or a president). Trump would have to overcome the “actual malice” standard to succeed in a Read more

Oct 8 2016

The only reason the GOP said anything today is because they have done well in the recent past with old white men and married white women. He can insult Mexicans (or any Latinos), Blacks, Muslims, Jews, or LGBTQ folks because that’s not their base. Alicia Machado, the Khans, Rosie O’Donnell all fall within demographics Read more