Nov 2

I’d like to think this is your response when doing anything illegal and/or disrespectful, like when the cops call you out for shitting in the parking lot of a Kohls.

Nov 2

You’re not going to get in trouble for herb-adjacent content, I hope.

Feb 20 2019

If you need this stuff to tow, you shouldn’t be towing to begin with.

Mar 9 2018

I enjoyed this in 2018

Oct 20 2017

Oh, good grief. The kid will go back to sleep. It is not everyday you get to hear an engine like this. Live a little and enjoy it. And yes, I am a dad too.

Feb 24 2017

I worked for Uber HQ for a short time (before I said eff that and bailed). On my second day, I was in a meeting with Kalanick, in which one of the female VPs said she was concerned that women would feel unsafe using UberPool, particularly in crime-ridden areas or countries with poor women’s rights records. Kalanick’s Read more

Dec 29 2016

Please ignore this comment. Just testing to see if I can comment, because a comment I’ve been trying to comment on a different post will not comment.

Dec 27 2016

I remember reading this one around the time the Berlin Wall came down... Read more

Jul 26 2016

Porsche be like:

Aug 29 2015

I acutlly have a TowBot brand R/C Tug. It is outstanding. I use it for moving so far: Pa-18 SuperCub, Beech Debonair, L-39, MiG-12, MiG21, T-33 and the Citation Jet. It is awesome. Living in the north, there has been 3 times last winter when it was ineffective, icy taxiway is a no-go.

Apr 24 2015

oh maaan! I bet that’s way too cool

Apr 8 2015

Unexpected Thug Life classic:

Dec 23 2014

Take it from me, a Cuban from Miami with more family in Cuba han I know what to do with, those cars are not a thing of vanity down there. People even fill cylinders with concrete just to keep the cars going since parts are scarce. They aren't your run down barn finds from here in the states. That's not to say you Read more

Dec 23 2014

I thinks its pretty clear that the most irresponsible drivers are those lounging in the left lane.

Dec 12 2014

This reminds me of that old chestnut that i still have to deal with at least once a month... Read more

Dec 12 2014

There is always a suspicion that there is a lot of bullshit in this process... But I would trust this guy in freelance a 100 times over any agency. Clearly, he's feeling it...

Nov 19 2014

Congrats on the Hellcat.