Big Bubba Ray
Jun 19 2016

The BMW will however automatically shift to park if the door is opened and the engine running.

Jun 2 2016

That Gwagen has 9.646" of ground clearance. It’s right there in the article. The Land Cruiser is 9.1". The last time someone was so snarky about a half an inch was when a hooker made fun of your dick.

Apr 16 2016

“The only answer is to expose yourself and try to have as good of a time as everyone else, because at the end of the day that’s all this sort of thing should be about.” Read more

Apr 15 2016

Tango the Frenchie kept watch over the McLaren 675LT we borrowed last week. He was drooling over it as much as we were. Then again, he drools on everything.

Feb 10 2016

Bless your heart. In Southeast Michigan, the Big 3 constantly have company cars roaming the streets before they hit the dealerships.