Dec 29

If Joe is the nominee it would prove that the Democratic party doesn’t learn nor listen. It’ll be 2016 all over again with a candidate who is basically telling people who are hurting that there’s not a damn thing they can or will even attempt to do to help which isn’t going to get the base out. Read more

Dec 27

Yeah. How many taboola ads did I inadvertently open trying to make this reply, as the site hops around like a drunk kangaroo. Read more

Dec 24

The Ghost of Kinja Present says you’ll get an unusable platform and you’ll damn well like it. The amount of lag as I type this on my desktop is absurd.

Dec 20

I am a higher than average income Californian and I do NOT pay 70% in taxes. I barely pay half that even if you combine state and federal taxes.  The problem with dishonest actors is they aren’t interested in reality; the only thing that matters is their false narrative and how quickly gullible people who want to Read more

Dec 19

Hmm, I typically just burn my old batteries in my wood stove, to keep warm (I don’t like to burn wood, as I hear it’s a contributor to poor air quality). But this guy could be on to something. I will trying burning an EV battery in my garage and report back.

Dec 17

When are we going to stop pretending that shitbox econo cars from the 80's are somehow loved and missed? The reason it only has 17k on it is because they are TERRIBLE FUCKING CARS and the original owner quickly realized it. 7k? There’s no way.

Dec 12

We also found that by seating customers close together months later they requested an additional place for a baby seat so we provided one.

Dec 6

free internet for all ($150B), free college for all ($79B/yr), college dept relief ($1.5T), free heath care ($3T/yr) for all and no mention of how we’re going to pay for all this? taxing the rich will only get you so much $$$. Read more

Dec 3

Be honest with yourself. Barney ain’t that baby’s daddy. Rubble might be engraved on the birth certificate, but that’s just what Betty told the dinosaur that delivered him.

Dec 3

I have a front-loader, and I don’t understand the fuss. All you have to do is not leave wet laundry sitting in it for hours when the cycle’s done, and when the wet laundry is out, just leave the door open to let it air dry. What’s the big deal?

Dec 2

I don’t find this unbelievable at all. What people are doing on bikes these days, sheesh. I watched a guy ride a mtn bike down in Moab off a cliff and then down the cliff and then jumped the cliff and also the cliffs weren’t enough so halfway down they built a big jump to gap the cliff.

Dec 2

The biggest fuck you message you can send to Zuckerberg is to delete your Facebook account. It’s not a necessary part of your life. It’s easy. Go do it now.