Eddie Brannan
Feb 16 2019

This is me not being quiet. The MAGA crowd should be shot dead. There, happy?

Feb 10 2019

I’m looking forward to watching some clips from the race today. Can't get enough of that urban DH stuff.

Feb 10 2019

When your wife is a trained mechanic who can strip down a truck, you’ve pretty much won the Jalop game. Of course you’re going to keep playing as long as possible.

Feb 6 2019

If a huge mammal attacks you out of nowhere, and has likely tried to hit you with the neck snap manuever, there really isn’t any fucking around at that point, reptile brain is going to wake up and do some life saving shit.

Feb 5 2019

I can’t fuck with flip-flops or slides. You never know when you’re gonna get chased. Sneakers all day. Low tops for slipping on and running errands. 

Feb 5 2019

There is zero practical difference between semi-automatic and fully automatic weapons when used against unarmed civilians; semi-auto is far more likely to do more damage as it’s easier to handle without a lot of practice. The pedantic crap about the difference from gun lovers is a diversion.

Feb 5 2019

There is very much an in-depth discussion long overdue for Black America about understanding the lives of Caribbean, European, and African Americans. Too much is lost in translation of how Blackness is defined,and often Black America is very dismissive and blind to its own xenophobia. Read more

Feb 4 2019

Nonsense! When a 30-year-old guy with the only keys to $190m in other people’s money operating in an incredibly shady unregulated industry dies due to unreported and unsubstantiated causes while building homes for orphans in a third-world country you just chalk it up to god’s will and move on.

Feb 3 2019

Oh, I think the guy’s still alive. From my reading, it looks like the firm received the Bitcoin equivalent of a margin call in January, and could not cover it. If you knew that you had a margin call coming, wouldn’t it make sense to got to India and fake your death? I mean, if the gentlemen in question has actually Read more

Feb 3 2019

Absent any regulatory framework, there’s no reason why it wouldn’t be set up this way.

Feb 2 2019

I agree there is a cult of the pickup. But for some activities, the pickup seems like a good idea. Read more

Feb 2 2019

I came here for a argument, but I’ll settle for an discussion.