Apr 13

I’m sorry but that choice in the first game to me was always more “ok, who do you want to die. Mr Boring or Space Racist.”

Apr 13

Saying this person faked their way into a White House briefing is like saying I faked my way into a Denny’s because I asked my partner to put in an order. It’s very misleading and makes it seem like this person had physical access when what they really did was take advantage of a professional courtesy from other Read more

Apr 2

It’s okay. You can say “Wheaton.” (Throw salt over your shoulder as you do, just in case.)

Mar 11

Wednesday, look at all the children. Their freckles. Their bright little eyes. Their eager, friendly smiles. Help them.”

Honestly, every single line in the Camp Chippewa arrival scene is gold.

Mar 11

Let us not forget Christina Ricci’s continued war on Thanksgiving in The Ice Storm -

Dec 17

i dunno, even in the realm of Muppet Christmas Specials, i feel like Emmit Otter is a legit contender!  

Dec 10

I came here to say something like this. That nothingburger Dragon Age trailer might as well have been Varric saying, “here’s some concept art, we know it’s been like four years but we still have nothing to show you but this!” which was exactly everything I was resigning myself to following last week’s news.

Mass Read more

Dec 10

Rational Me: “Bioware isn’t what it used to be, the recent departures were an even more clear sign of that, and given that it appears to be Liara in that trailer it means that there’s going to be a lot of ME3 related branches that are going to be an utter nightmare to tie up. I don’t see a way they can do it without Read more

Dec 9

So what you’re saying is that string theory proves that molecules can’t melt steel Benghazi’s but will give you COVID in a pizza parlor?

Dec 1

Every time someone steps up and says who they are, the world becomes a better, more interesting place”.

Nov 17

Also, even if gender presentation was “stable over time,” which it isn’t, their need to police it in the first place lays bare how incoherent their political philosophy actually is. Read more

Nov 16

I like how a bunch of people who think that old white dudes in tights and long wigs were the greatest thing since meat on a stick, but Harry Styles looking bad ass in a dress has their knickers in a wad. Read more