2/10/16 2:54PM

In Bernie’s speech last night he was insistent that we all remember “in a few months we will all need to unify to support the nominee, whoever that is”. He was nothing but gracious towards Sec. Clinton. I am a Bernie supporter because his long held views most closely support my own; however, Clinton is clearly Read more

2/10/16 2:53PM

Then, after shooting some hoops, the hosts took off their skin costumes and masks. Underneath, with their tentacles free, they looked much larger and menacing than normal. Hundreds of shiny, silver teeth glittered under the hot lights of the studio, and the gel-like substance that coats the majority of their bodies Read more

2/10/16 2:40PM

Did anyone else think he was taking a big toke off a little joint in that picture at first glance?

2/10/16 2:38PM

Can’t help but to think how such of a dork he is. I find that endearing.

1/14/16 11:26AM

Oh, I had that teacher! 12th grade Theory of Knowledge (IB for philosophy). He gave all the Asian girls shoulder massages and made us read Dinesh D’Souza. He, along with everything about Orange County, CA in the 90s, is why I am a liberal today. Read more

1/14/16 10:10AM

His voice isn’t needed. There are plenty of anti-women candidates already.

1/14/16 10:08AM

Man Makes Futile Gesture, World Fails to Take Notice

1/13/16 11:30PM

I knew exactly what you meant! And that’s awesome, because that’s essentially what I was going after. Read more

11/04/15 7:45PM

@Gabourney. The few times it’s happened to me I had to fight the urge to make a barking sound and say “so sorry, sometimes she nips” as the hand got close. I’d scare the shit of the agent. (but wind up in a concrete room for a day or two)