Dylan Hafertepen
Aug 4 2009

Too bad it's not printed upside-down, which is how I would be able to read it if I was using the apron.

Jan 21 2009

@JustDoThis: You mean sets, right? I suppose you could just use the next row for the same workout. Reps can be "bubbled" in after the weight.

Jan 8 2009

Okay...but carrying a pad of 8.5x11 sheets is really annoying in the gym. And I don't want to accidentally crush my iPhone while doing kickboxing. Read more

Sep 30 2008

Moving to San Francisco meant loosing my family doctor, dentist and cheap rent. After dealing with some *very* unpleasant doctors that my insurance company referred, a friend suggested I try finding one on Yelp.com. Read more