David Anderson
Apr 6

I imagine it’s because a lot of young people don’t see the pornstars of yore as direct sexual threat. Read more

Apr 5

Since the attempted coup, The Root has documented at least 25 law enforcement officials armed and dangerous gang members with white supremacist ties who attended the Jan. 6 events, including... Read more

Apr 4

This is what makes Trumpism work. This is the dark heart of our political moment. Even people who are tremendously vulnerable themselves, like Crystal Minton, support Trump because of his capacity to inflict pain on others they detest. The cruelty, as the Atlantic’s Adam Serwer says, is the point. [emphasis added] [htt Read more

Mar 26

I always thought the trailer for the last Suicide Squad suffered from a strong case of the try-hards. “Look at how edgy and irreverant we are! Look, we’re playing retro music tracks just like those Galactic Guardians all you kids like! Could you turn this into one of those....whatchacallits...’me-mes’ on social media?”

Mar 26

I told her that neighbors are more important than a stream and stopped streaming.

This is the correct attitude.

Mar 22

Please tell me there are wacky waving inflatable tube fetuses in the parking lot.

Mar 22

Unplanned pregnancy? Plan to save big at the Abortion King! Can’t pay now? Try our special 9-month financing option. We abort the middleman and pass the savings on to you.

Mar 20

A person can literally be raised inside of a family and still be neglected due to how they are treated in comparison to others. Just based on that wild spat he and his sister had over Instagram it’s highly-clear he views his experiences growing up fundamentally differently, and they can miss me with this therapy mess Read more

Mar 13

Should’ve done what Legion did for to represent one of their psychic battles. Group dance battle.

Mar 11

Despite the Win95 style dialog window, “rm -rf” implies that Pixar was using a UNIX system. Probably a Silicon Graphics workstation as that was pretty much the only way to render 3D stuff at the time (I was in grad school in the late 1990s and we used SGI workstations to model protein structures). Of course these days Read more

Mar 10

I’ve gotten takeout burgers that have faired well on a long car ride home. Whether that compares to how long it takes to get something delivered is entirely another story. I spent over a decade in the restaurant industry which included the rise of Uber Eats, etc. Complaints about food not arriving when the driver had Read more

Mar 8

I can see how someone working for HBO Max would confuse the two bad movies for children.

Mar 8

March 8 - “Today’s release of Zack Snyder’s Justice League was a mistake. We apologize for the trouble.”
March 18 - “Today’s release of Zack Snyder’s Justice League was a mistake. We apologize for the trouble.”

Mar 6

If this happened to my kid I would lose my mind. My kid is already in a white private school, I don’t trust anything. As if being a black parent isn’t hard enough without this!

Mar 4

Sounds like financial glad-handing among friends. Way to keep an irrelevant property viable by just buying back and forth with all the billions they don’t deserve.
Read more

Mar 3

I wonder if the next iteration of the “It’s Groundhog Dog, but” genre is a movie where the main character has to learn to be a total asshole to break the loop. Nice guy, salt of the Earth, friend to all living things, keeps going through the same day where he’s repeatedly stepped on and beaten down by life, and the Read more