Aug 27

No Chrysler apologist here, but I think you whiffed on the context of where Chrysler was in the early-to-mid-90's when this was designed and rolled out: Read more

Aug 17

I saw the picture of with a bunch of tattooed, bearded white people with American flags a machine gun and thought “man, that reminds me of the last time I was in Oregon”. Read more

Aug 4

I guess lots of people asked their doctor if Kia Seltos was right for them.

Jul 9

Don’t go to the Gladiator forums.  So many of those guys lament not having a 6L+ Hemi as standard its ridiculous.

Jul 4

As a life-long Texan, I/We learned a long time ago that all outside work must be completed by noon in the summers.

Jul 2

I’m just happy it’s not one one of the newer streaming services. Cut cable a long time ago, which was great when it was only Netflix and Amazon, but when it’s gotten so fragmented and exclusive, I’m still getting some serious FOMO from not subscribing to the other services.

Jun 25

Dodge drivers are already the most obnoxious people on the planet. Doesn’t matter what type of vehicle - ram, charger, challenger, they’re all exclusively driven by shrimp-dick wannabe tough guys. Every time you see a lifted, coal-rolling pickup swerving between lanes erratically, it’s a dodge. Every time someone revs Read more

Jun 25

I’m just here trying to figure out how far back you would need to stop in a Ford F350 from that Miata in front of you to see “the bottom of the tires”. Half a mile ought to do it.

Jun 24

So you’re the person who is two car lengths back from the car in front of you at a light, blocking the turn lane...