6:14 PM

“My name is Tommy Callaway, and I managed to have a long, intimate relationship with an adult woman and raise two little girls without ever once considering how fucked up it is to treat a woman’s body like public property. That proves what a good guy I am, right?”

5:42 PM

Dammit, you chucklefuck, your intentions were perfectly clear. You wanted to hurt and embarrass a total stranger because some stray gross impulse darted across your lizard brain and being a white male, you never even thought to resist or question it. You honestly expected her to find that funny or at least “laugh it Read more

3:01 PM

Totally.  I will work out as the black woman, but really love it when I see other black folk in the studio, especially if it is an instructor.  They also have the best playlists and that shit matters when you are pedaling your life out.  

2:56 PM

Right, I understand that. I live in a predominantly white area, so I don’t usually care or expect anything other than white people (which is not a problem by any means). But my gym is very community oriented, so it’s kind of sad not to have the opportunity to meet other nice black people in the community.

2:12 PM

even though I’ve been the only minority on a bike in more classes than I care to count Read more

11:32 AM

I don’t think she would disagree. But saying, ‘everybody needs to find balance and I’m no different’ is true for ...everyone, no matter how wealthy. It doesn’t say if it’s easier or not for some because the sentence is short.

7:15 AM

I would like to emphasize the FOR EVERYONE part of this statement. Federal workers and the military are far from everyone in this country, and the Republican plan to “let” people pay themselves from their retirement plan is a steaming pile of garbage.

10:36 AM

I remember seeing the ad on TV and being more interested in what Peloton is rather than any thought that the husband was being an asshole. How do we know the wife didn’t spend the previous three months ranting about how much she wanted one? I mean, her reaction is one of appreciation and not, “you think I’m FAT?!?”

I Read more

10:13 AM

“I currently sit here hoping that I’ll be able to continue auditioning for commercials without any taint,” he writes.
Read more

9:44 AM

Totally disagree with the pushback over this ad. People like to excercise, it’s different than giving someone a vacuum. I would love a Peloton for Christmas! The fact that the woman is skinny should have NO BEARING on whether or not she should excercise. The guy is an actor (presumably not super succesfule) that ended Read more

6:08 PM

The point people seem to miss is that in the “classic model” of early stage startups (such as there is one), the people working 80-hour weeks have equity stakes in the business as part of their employment package. When that’s the case, you’re a part owner, so it’s not unreasonable to expect that you’ll do what is Read more

2:25 PM

So I just wanna say that Atlanta is my hometown and fuck Clint Eastwood for using something so horrible and devastating to demonize the media.

1:37 PM

For some reason, Clint Eastwood and the other makers of Richard Jewell decided that the tragic story needed a retelling with the addition of a spicy suggestion that Kathy Scruggs fucked for tips. Read more

7:44 PM

Emily, thank you for your take on this, it is refreshing. I have worked in abortion care for almost 20 years and the NYT piece reads like underground anti-abortion trolling. The authors are overly-engaged in the comments section, agreeing with everyone who is criticizing the pro-choice/left movement. I also know Read more

2:37 PM

Juianne Hough is the same woman that was thoroughly criticized for doing blackface a few years ago, so I’m not shocked that she lacks any semblance of solidarity.