1:52 PM

I rage against people in multiplayer all the time, it’s become a notorious nuisance to my housemates. The obscenities get pretty vile. Fortunately, the anonymity of online gameplay is a saving grace for me: I turn my mic off and keep the temper tantrum to myself. It doesn’t serve anyone’s interest to go after the Read more

12:01 PM

If someone is dying a lot in an online team game, they already feel terrible enough. They don’t need the extra reminder. I know when I’m having a bad game or raid, I don’t need your input ZythaxTheImmolator420, thanks. Read more

6:24 AM

In one of my first dungeons for FFXIV, I (a pug), not really understanding what I was supposed to be doing, ran ahead of the tank. It was a low level dungeon so it wasn’t like it was actually a problem, but one of the other members of the group apparently decided the best way to express their frustration was to aggro Read more