12:46 PM

Yes. And these two assholes live about 2.5 hours away from me and more than once I’ve thought about hoping in my car to meet them so I can just punch them in the fucking face.

12:29 PM

As a much maligned great woman once said “It’s all about the Benjamins”. Just like the Rapepublicthugs, the mainstream Dems don’t want to lose all that big donor money. They don’t want to go back to pre-Citizens United, even if they say they do.  Primary them all!

11:39 AM

It’s crazy that big corporations don’t stand up and demand MFA.

10:56 AM

The single most expensive contributor to rising healthcare costs in the US are the administrative expense ratios of private insurers.  This is not in question, except for people who want to obfuscate the issue by talking about providers or prescription drug companies or literally anything else.  This is like the

10:46 AM

we would not be at the mercy of our greedy employers.

10:41 AM

The savings don’t come (mostly) from freezing the insurance guys out of their rake. It comes from government monopsony buying power bargaining down the prices providers are able to charge in our current multi-payer system.

10:02 AM

The CNN chryon under Lewandowski should read: “THIS CLOWN IS LYING.”

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9:56 AM

There was a Canadian tourism industry beyond US teens crossing the border on booze runs?

11:34 PM

Sometimes it’s hard to tell the difference between real life and The Onion.