Nov 6 2016

It most certainly is not a “non-story”. She set up a private email server that was used to send and receive classified information in order to get around public information rules set in place to prevent corruption. If she were a civilian employee, she would have been fired. If she were a uniformed service member, Read more

Nov 4 2016

1. How can you roll $2000-3000 in negative equity on a Tundra PRO and then suddenly be $16000 in negative equity? Those sell for pretty much MSRP, even used - definitely not $13000-14000 under MSRP. Everything seems to indicate this is a recent purchase, so no time to rack up the miles and make it worth less. Read more

Nov 3 2016

Yeah, engaging the pawl doesn’t seem like it should make any difference vs. being in neutral.

Nov 3 2016

On the other hand, you’re bloggers who “Spend the Day Ripping Lines From Reddit,” so let’s call it even.

Nov 2 2016

You mean 40k vs 48k. Seriously it’s not that hard to look up the MSRPs.

Nov 2 2016

Because zero dosage is fucking Fruit Stripe and Hubba Bubba, mate.

Nov 1 2016

OH NO THE HORROR!! Better elect Clinton quick so all the bad boys and girls will stop their mean name calling! THIS IS NEWS!! Stop all the presses!