Sep 11 2019

This is far more likely to be what happens. I don’t think it will be setting their own rates, because that would be too chaotic. I foresee drivers being given all of the information about a ride - distance, fare, what they would be paid, Uber’s cut, etc, when a ride request comes through, and then being able to decide Read more

Sep 5 2019

I’m no fan of low profile tires and huge gaudy wheels, but this group was in the Toledo Jeep Fest parade and looked like they had a great time. Do what makes you happy.

Apr 30 2019

The Union of Concerned Scientists is a political organization, not a scientific organization. Hence, anything they claim is for political purposes, not objective scientific purposes. Just like this article. 

Apr 26 2019

One tough confetti cannon, using cast iron(?) manhole covers, large vacuum from down force and expensive carbon. Maybe the welders are on strike.

Apr 26 2019

I keep trying to find a GIF or picture of the Mythbusters’ car with a chaff dispenser, but alas. They rigged a fire extinguisher to blast out a cloud of foil bits in an attempt to block a police radar gun. It didn’t work, but I love that they tried it.

Apr 26 2019

If you have enough money, you too can have your own GP. Legitimate government not required ( extra charges may apply).

Jul 2 2017

Big block badges? Check. Hideaway headlight covers? Check. Black paint with fake woodgrain paneling? Check. Read more

Dec 1 2014

The last one of these I saw was primer grey with red painted steelies a few years back when people were getting into the sorta rat rod look. It was too, too fine.

Dec 1 2014

The first 1966 2 door hardtop with a 427 !