Cunning Linguist
Oct 18 2017

Indeed. A single-cab short-bed or an extended cab would look just right.

Oct 5 2017

You’ve never enjoyed manually shifting the automatic in a Dodge Charger?

Sep 29 2017

Plus it’s a stupid New Beetle, suitable only for sorority girls and pride parades. Anyone who hops up a New Beetle with performance mods should be in therapy.   

Sep 28 2017

First you complain that I don’t have a good relationship with you mother. Then you complain that I do. What the hell do you want from me?

Sep 21 2017

What a great story! And the bonus for me is that, as someone whose daughters love to go for a ride in their dad’s 80s vintage oddity (and who like to help me work on it), I know exactly how blissful a daddy-daughter date in a cherished vehicle can be. Read more

Sep 15 2017

Five pacers would allow for a lot of options; convert one to a rock crawler, another to a LeMons racer, the third into a pickup, and keep the fourth pristine as a daily driver. That leaves one as a parts-car. Less than 5 grand to satisfy all your vehicular needs seems like a bargain.

Sep 10 2017

Do it! Text him an offer for $3501 and ask if you can see it on Wednesday. Or offer him a $1000 and a Caviler with a blown head gasket, on Wednesday... 

Sep 10 2017

Craigslist will do this to you. Between the...

“I like the car, will you take payments?”
“Will you take 50% of what you are asking?”
“Will you trade for a not running moped?”
“I not from there, I out of town. Will give car to shipper? I’ll send check for more than asking.”
“I send money to Escrow, you give car to me.”

it Read more

Sep 10 2017

This is an excellent point. As soon as I checked the map, I shrugged and mentally recalibrated the hostility level.