Oct 16

I have been on stock Android since the first Nexus device... and I’m afraid the idea of subjecting myself to manufacturer bloatware is just something that I will never be able to stomach.  It’s sad that more premium Android phone makers can’t provide the option of a stock Android experience... because I would never Read more

Oct 15

The wishlist is the quickest way I check to see if any of the games I am interested are on any given sale. Sheesh Sony, its not like that is a hard feature to keep/implement on your store front.

Oct 15

I get ditching PS3/PSP/Vita stuff at this point, but getting rid of the Wishlist straight up sucks and doesn’t make any sense.

Sep 9

Culd you use an ice cream sandwich as both cake and ice cream layer? 

Sep 7

Rick & Morty is cynical nonsense. The Venture Brothers actually had something to say.

Jul 27

Yep. An appliance repair specialist told me very firmly to never! ever! use the self-cleaning function. Read more

Jul 22

And remember to mask during your combat. I know you want to kill them, but you don’t want to spread coronavirus.

Jul 8

Should have left it, but added an audio clip of “Black Lives Matter” every time it’s used.

Jul 8

Exactly. We’re going to let racists dictate our very vernacular by simply making things go viral. And we’re going to talk ourselves into the idea that we’re “winning” a war on hate by doing so all while those racists laugh their asses off at how easily society can be manipulated, now. Read more

Jul 8

So you’re basically giving a bunch of racist pricks the power to determine the symbols or gestures that are acceptable and unacceptable in society? I don’t see how that could possibly go wrong... Maybe they should also co-opt the thumbs up, the fist in the air, the peace sign, and every other innocuous gesture we use Read more

Jul 8

So, the solution is to just let racists have a symbol? To just gain ground over something that has been universally used to say OK for who knows how long?
Read more

Jul 7

Incorrect. My GFs two daughters wear masks, use sanitizer, etc, etc, and they eat out more than the two of us.

I would like to ask how you can eat with a knife and fork if you’re wearing a mask?  I have trouble with masks because as a smoker, they catch fire.

Jul 7

We’ve gone out a couple of times. We wear our masks when we come In and get up from the table, even try to put them on when the server comes over. And we tip at least 30 percent. There are people out there trying to support them and follow the rules and some who don’t/won’t.

Jul 6

I get it, the music alone could be a great reason to watch it and the art direction was very good in the episodes I watched, I just found it so...unsubtle in how it wanted to play with your emotions. Kind of the way a lot of shoujo is written (shonen too, but at least that’s upbeat)

Jul 2

The Last of Us 2 should be a post-apocalyptic Pony Express meets Oregon Trail adventure game. You and your trusty steed navigate ruined infrastructure while dodging the occasional fungus zombie, combat being optional in this fantasy of mine, all to deliver some small innocuous package from one bombed-out part of the Read more

Jun 23

It’s a fun drop in, drop out game, perfect for rounding off a game night since people can just leave whenever they want without impacting the experience of playing dramatically, and in a group that understands each other’s own sensibilities and funny bones, it’s an absolute hoot. I completely understand people that Read more

Jun 23

That theme triggers so much terror in this Gen Xer. You can keep “Jaws.” I laugh at “Halloween.” But “Unsolved Mysteries?” That shit sends shudders straight to the soul.