10/12/18 1:11PM

fucking doubtful. have you not been paying attention? Rape accusations get you a fucking seat on the SUPREME COURT. but please do tell us how being accused and never convicted is somehow the same as actually being raped

10/12/18 5:08AM

Who would doubt little ol’ you? A whole lot of people, unfortunately, and I hope you never have to find out just how true that is. Read more

10/12/18 2:27AM

This is going to be a shit show, because Stephen has a long history of being sexually manipulative, coercive, disrespecting boundaries and sexually harassing any woman he perceives to be dominant. We met through the NYC kink scene and used to be friendly, but he would NOT stop pressuring me to dominate him, talking Read more

10/12/18 12:13AM

The one thing rich men fear is consequence. They have never had it. They grew up sheltered in the bubble of insanity wealth creates around its own. More than anything they fear the world touching them. They fear us. All the more reason to rip them off their ivory thrones strip them bare and hold them accountable for Read more

10/11/18 7:45PM

I know, my heart bleeds for them, the poor dears. Just imagine, after centuries of getting away with virtually anything that took your fancy, finding out you might actually, theoretically be held accountable for your actions. Terrifying. 

10/11/18 6:18PM

Wow. I mean - Wow. The submissive BDSM stuff isn’t as helpful as he thinks. He’s going to have to explain all of this stuff to a jury. That will be.......interesting. A jury might just decide he is “weird” and that would pretty much wreck his case. Defamation lawsuits are already really tough to win. Read more

10/11/18 5:44PM

Honestly, fuck this guy. His entire excuse in his Quillette article was that obviously it would be false to accuse him of rape because he’s a BDSM submissive who never engages in acts of penetration. Which, uhhhhhh, okay. Read more

10/11/18 5:25PM

We can’t protect ourselves. We can’t protect our sisters from the men that hurt us. We can’t go to the police, we can’t use whisper networks. Read more

10/11/18 5:25PM

I’ll prove I’m not a shitty man by acting super shitty” is certainly a, uh, bold strategy...

10/02/18 3:56PM

Thighs are the bomb though precisely because that fat melts off and bastes the meat for you. Cook the shit out of those little bastards and they’ll still be moist and delicious. Then when you’re done the chicken fat is right there in the pan for you to cook your veggies in! Read more

10/02/18 3:36PM

Why the hell were you trimming the most delicious part in the first place?  

10/02/18 3:19PM

Except that Kavanaugh is less fun to watch and looks like a pile of mashed potatoes that have skin pieces left in.

10/02/18 2:50PM

Chicken thighs: HIGHLY underrated. Get some Shake & Bake and it’s your childhood circa 1989 all over again!