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Brady is an idiot douchebag and I’m super excited for idiots in my state to elect him a US Senator after he retires from football. Read more

All he fucking had to do was say, no, It’s not related to Kraft, It was filmed before that whole Incident came up. Done. Instead he takes being asked a question as an opportunity to try to turn It Into an “unfair media” moment and a legion of asskissers don’t take a second to step back and think about It, but rush to Read more

Brady’s case is exacerbated by the fact that he got genuinely fucked over by the NFL for deflating footballs. Read more

Brady is a true neocon - you can have millions and the world at your feet and still cry about you and your buddies being treated unfairly. Fuck the Pats, fuck Brady and fuck the whole organization of crybabies.  Read more

Pats fan here. I tune in for every game. Rah rah, and all that.

But I’m not ashamed or in any way conflicted to say that Tom Brady makes my skin crawl every time he speaks off the field. About anything. He is a platitude-spewing focus group dimwit with a smile. He’s a secular, more successful version of Russell Wilson. Read more

Can’t act when he’s given two lines to say, but has no problem putting on a helluva performance when the media tries to ask him a question. Read more

Typical Patriots.  Always ruining a happy ending.
Read more

Negative batman. The worst thing that you can say about the Yankees is that they functionally created the disparate landscape of haves and have-nots across MLB that meant that they could maintain their iron-clad grip on success, and moreover that they are the active leaders in making sure that this landscape will Read more

Fun fact, this is a selfie Randy took using his right arm. Read more

You should’ve just left it at the first three sentences. Nothing you say can make the Astros look worse than the yankees. You cheer for the same team that Rudy Fucking Guiliani cheers for. No. Fuck the yankees.  Read more

Sure, still, fuck the Yankees though. Read more

Sabathia is the second-greatest midseason rental of all time.

Yeah, sure, but also fuck the Yankees.  Read more

It’s okay, the Eagles secondary couldn’t stop a wet fart. They made Cousins look like a competent quarterback, for fuck’s sake. If the Vikings can move the ball at will against them then Dallas will probably eek out a win and I’ll have turned the game off before halftime. Read more

The Jerry Jones era started out with Jimmy Johnson, who put together a team so good that Barry Switzer was able to win a Super Bowl with them. But since then, it’s been one of the worst-run franchises in the NFL, and has gone 20+ years without being remotely in contention for anything. The only reason that they’re not Read more

Will be very on brand when Philly wins this dogshit division at 6-9-1 and then wins a Super Bowl. Read more

I know your comment isn’t an essay prompt, but I think about this a lot. I am convinced that the large majority of people are not idiots. As with so many other things, the stupidest 15% of people and the ~15% who enable them take up all the oxygen and draw all the attention, and our society has to be designed/warped Read more

People aren’t complete idiots Read more

Deadspin, AVC, and The Takeout currently comprise a substantial portion of my Internet consumption. I once planned to make a career in media. I fucking hate oligarchy, plutocracy, vulture capitalism, and morons with undeserved power. So the direction all this is trending breaks my goddamned heart on every conceivable Read more

Never, ever underestimate a mediocre, rich white man’s desire to stare huge sums of money in the face, have people practically screaming “THIS IS WHAT YOU NEED TO DO TO TAKE MY MONEY FROM ME AND I WILL GLADLY GIVE IT TO YOU”...and then say “nah, I’ll do what I want even if it loses me money in the end.” Read more