Nov 22 2019

You’re being purposely disingenuous - people don’t want concept cars to go to production, they want good concept cars to go to production. Being different and ugly isn’t the same as different and attractive. Hell, even the specs are disappointing.
This is a horrendous design. It’s entirely possible to make a great Read more

Jun 26 2018

thanks for including so much information about this event...
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Apr 24 2018

Sounds to me like he’s going to be struggling to walk the line between a New York accent and being Tom Hardy.

Mar 26 2018

If you consider the full context of his life it does make sense. Luke redeems Vader, defeats the Empire, and saves the known Galaxy as the last Jedi. He is celebrated as the greatest hero, a legend like the Jedi of old. He starts a school and begins training new Jedi including his nephew. A nephew who becomes Read more

Nov 27 2017

Yes but a station wagon that older people don’t mind getting in and out of. Honestly, when I was selling cars that was like 99% the rational behind buying CUV’s. I don’t know how many older people would pass on the sedan because it was a pain getting in and out of.

Oct 6 2017

These things need to be banned until the long term health-effect of living near them can be properly studied and vetted. There’s strong evidence of negative side effects from the constant low frequency pulse of the turbine’s motion. They built one near a friend of mine’s uncles house. His wife suddenly got herpes out Read more

Aug 8 2017

Actually the red and black was the factrory color for the “street version” 124 Abarth, which was the homologation version of the rally car.

Jun 26 2017

It’s a great way to maximize both tire wear and lap times, and that takes skill.

Jun 22 2017

Imagine how terrible of a driver you have to be to 1) react to a biker kicking your car at highway speeds, 2) try to engage a retaliatory attempt to take the biker out, and 3) to then lose control of the vehicle over something that was so inconsequential and not worth reacting to.
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May 16 2017

Jar Jar Binks wakes up in his bedroom, turns to Suzanne Pleshette and says, “You-sa wont be believin’ the crazy dream meesa just had!”

May 14 2017

I believe you’re thinking of deflagration vs detonation. This is an explosion, of the subsonic, deflagration variety. High explosives like TNT are detonations. Conflagrations are simply massive fires.

Apr 21 2017

Yes and: they’re also designed to promote whichever services have paid the automaker to be featured in prime screen real estate. (Dear SiriusXM: please stop. I am never, ever going to subscribe to your service that was overtaken by better technology a decade ago.) They’re a perfect a example of what happens when the Read more