4:30 PM

Everything you’re saying is true. But the people who need to hear it just fuuuuuuuuuuuucking refuse. I’ve tried all kinds of approaches to talking w/ other commenters here about gender or race-bias in gaming: listening first; keeping things hyper-rational and citing data; letting things get emotional and appealing to Read more

4:25 PM

Gaming got popular, and a subset of people who built their identity around gaming being non-popular are hostile of anything that gives it wider appeal. Read more

1:28 PM

After taking part in the Hajj (where he ate, slept, prayed next to White men), Malcolm X said the problem isn’t the White man. The problem is the White man’s system, i.e. capitalism (Malcom X’s solution was Islam. Maybe. I’ll let you be the judge of that). Read more

10:21 AM

Once again, “when you are accustomed to privilege, equality feels like oppression” has been proved true. Keep it coming, old white men.

8:01 PM

Because rebels and oppressors aren’t the same... An act of violence committed by an oppressed group is not the same as an act of violence committed by an oppressor. That’s how power asymmetry works. A slave killing their master is not the same thing as a master killing a slave. There are good ideas and bad ideas.

1:58 PM

It’s so depressing to see another one of my trans sisters pass away. She was an amazing gamer and a brave, beautiful woman. I know there are ignorant people in the comment section of this post, but their uneducated ramblings cannot tarnish her legacy and accomplishments. She has inspired transgamers everywhere. We're Read more

11:42 AM

Just a heads up: If you get shitty or mean in these comments I’ll remove them. Go be an asshole somewhere else. 

7:25 PM

People in general like to play someone who represents them. As white people we have been so blessed with this it’s harder to see the issue. 

9:10 AM

I still say pricing is Nintendo’s biggest issue. I refuse to buy Zelda Breath of the Wild for $79.99 Canadian which is its full price. Like come on Nintendo.  I think they’re just leaving sales on the table now with their pricing scheme.

11:49 AM

A budget option for the Switch is a great idea but I feel at $200 it’s not *quite* budget enough?

10:25 AM

This continues to look impressive and I’m super looking forward to it, but part of me wishes they would also do a simple remaster with some of the features from the VIII and XII remasters. I would happily spend money on both if they existed.

8:24 PM

To be clear, we are not facing this environmental crisis because “politicians are inclined to bicker.” Read more

6:50 AM

It’s not just Kyoto, I feel so many tourists who visit, even if they don’t know the customs of another country, don’t seem to understand how to comply with even the most basic of common human decencies. The poppy fields in Lake Elsinore, damages to Machu Picchu, the Dali painting in Yekaterinburg, etc. No, you can NOT Read more

1:59 PM

Dear ASS,

As a few others have said, you are not nearly as interesting, deep, or intelligent as you think you are—but assuming you’re being sincere, I’m going to let you in on a little secret about human relationships:

The only time you’re ever really “trading up” is if your partner is abusive, completely emotionally Read more

1:55 PM

And I’m guessing that “picture other more attractive women” he does not mean that he is picturing them grocery shopping, twirling their hair or smiling in the dappled light of a golden sunset: he’s picturing pornstars gettin’ porny. And then he’s opening his eyes and seeing a real-life person who probably looks less Read more

10:05 AM

I hate to be that guy, but...I really don’t think the game needed this. Like at all. I absolutely loved Persona 5, but it’s a 100+ hour game as it is. Adding even more to it like this will just make it feel like it’s over staying its welcome. Even great games can end up being too drawn out.