7:25 PM

People in general like to play someone who represents them. As white people we have been so blessed with this it’s harder to see the issue. 

9:10 AM

I still say pricing is Nintendo’s biggest issue. I refuse to buy Zelda Breath of the Wild for $79.99 Canadian which is its full price. Like come on Nintendo.  I think they’re just leaving sales on the table now with their pricing scheme.

11:49 AM

A budget option for the Switch is a great idea but I feel at $200 it’s not *quite* budget enough?

10:25 AM

This continues to look impressive and I’m super looking forward to it, but part of me wishes they would also do a simple remaster with some of the features from the VIII and XII remasters. I would happily spend money on both if they existed.

8:24 PM

To be clear, we are not facing this environmental crisis because “politicians are inclined to bicker.” Read more

6:50 AM

It’s not just Kyoto, I feel so many tourists who visit, even if they don’t know the customs of another country, don’t seem to understand how to comply with even the most basic of common human decencies. The poppy fields in Lake Elsinore, damages to Machu Picchu, the Dali painting in Yekaterinburg, etc. No, you can NOT Read more

1:59 PM

Dear ASS,

As a few others have said, you are not nearly as interesting, deep, or intelligent as you think you are—but assuming you’re being sincere, I’m going to let you in on a little secret about human relationships:

The only time you’re ever really “trading up” is if your partner is abusive, completely emotionally Read more

1:55 PM

And I’m guessing that “picture other more attractive women” he does not mean that he is picturing them grocery shopping, twirling their hair or smiling in the dappled light of a golden sunset: he’s picturing pornstars gettin’ porny. And then he’s opening his eyes and seeing a real-life person who probably looks less Read more

10:05 AM

I hate to be that guy, but...I really don’t think the game needed this. Like at all. I absolutely loved Persona 5, but it’s a 100+ hour game as it is. Adding even more to it like this will just make it feel like it’s over staying its welcome. Even great games can end up being too drawn out.

6:02 PM

To some degree, it’s exactly that - the fear that these things are the harbinger of not merely a more diverse society/set of games/whatever, but that it means “it’s your turn on the bottom, to be the oppressed, to suffer discrimination, etc.” It’s an irrational fear, but fear is ever thus. It’s also utterly Read more

4:15 PM

I totally agree with everything you’re saying, but the sad thing is that it’s not even what’s pissing these people off. At least from what I’ve seen. Read more

3:43 PM

There is nothing in the goddamned world like the absolute fragility of folks who occupy majority (race/ethnicity/sex/sexual orientation/religious affiliation) status feeling like they might have to share the pie they’ve previously had 99% of.

Think about this for just a moment: Every time someone screams about “SJWs,” Read more

3:41 PM

Was just speaking to my friends about this supposed outrage, and man, how far have we fallen to take offense in having a black character going back in time to prevent slavery. It's not only outrageous, it's sad . . .

8:25 AM

I’m a mod for a smaller streamer, and personally it’s hard to see the viewer count normally be 20+ down to 9 viewers only. I normally can tell that's it bothering the streamer himself but of course he's gonna pretend to be happy so the rest of chat stays happy. Idk what I could do to help, I'm doing everything a mod Read more

4:31 PM

An important and I’m sure very likely to be disregarded reminder: believe victims. The likelihood of a given accusation being false is incredibly small. Read more

8:55 AM

This is absolutely stomach-turning. Any time someone tells me “rape culture” doesn’t exist (and yes, I know, “well, actually” brigade, she wasn’t raped in this instance), I point to shit like this; a woman can be assaulted—in the US, Japan, or anywhere else—and the onus inevitably comes back to her, even if her Read more

12:03 PM

There’s a saying, “To be African American is to be African without history and American without privilege.”
Read more

11:38 AM

i really struggled with trying to define blackness—it’s a largely designation given to us, rather than one that comes from our own cultural experience. displacement from africa seems important, but it doesn’t account for every facet of the black experience, including immigrants to other countries from africa. not Read more