Sep 17

Please give us a poll to vote on writer submissions. We have three pretty excellent choices this week. 

Sep 16

But the bucking bronco is raising its rear legs, not the front legs.

Sep 8

If you are not actively passing someone, get out of the left lane.

Sep 4

Do you need to take a test drive from a franchised dealer?  Or, if the company offered test drives at a company store, and you bought online, wouldn’t that fulfill your requirements?   

Aug 31

But Continental couldn’t explain why it had taken decades to do so. Read more

Aug 19

My takeaway is that the Changli’s quality is about in line with my Fiesta ST’s after 3 months..

Aug 19

All v6's sound horrible.

Aug 18

You did this unleveling job on purpose didn’t you?

Aug 18

I cannot be the only person who has let off the clutch “in neutral” only to find I’m still in gear. I could absolutely see this still being a possibility on a manual.

Aug 14

Well that’s disappointing. I was hoping to learn that there’s actually only one red Genesis G70, that exists in ‘folded’ non-Euclidean space so it appears to be in multiple places.

Aug 14

A quick look at Autotrader, reveals about 50 red Genesis units with under 100 miles on them.”  Read more

Jul 24

Finally something right sized for all the whiners going on about WAHHHH TRUCKS ARE TOO BIG THESE DAYS.

Jul 22

Oh god no. That’s a good point. It just goes to my inbox and I delete them when the contest is over.

Jul 21

As someone who was once quite poor for a lot of years i bought poverty spec Sentra’s for commuting and i safely and reliably put well over 350k miles total across two of them. This looks like a damn Rolls compared to the ones i owned. Read more

Jul 9

Last year I paid $9,800 for an ‘11 128i, 6MT w/ sport package. Had heard of the 1 series but thought I would be sad not getting the 135, however those seem to command $5k more and sound like a lot bigger gamble in terms of maintenance. Test drive confirmed the NA model had enough power to be fun around town.  Have had Read more

Jul 9

NP. I owned one of these and it’s a brilliant little car that looks a bit like a fish. Read more

Jul 8

A Bro-Dozer would Doze a Dozer-Load of Bros if a Bro-Dozer could Doze Bros.