Agent Beefchest McGreatVillain. Read more

1 and only rule of taking your dog to a restaurant: Read more

The Mexi Melt is due for a comeback  Read more

Pay to deal with The Drew Carey Show’s music rights issues and I’ll be yours forever, Netflix.
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It is rumored that some kid from Seattle (Jimi somebody or other) was a close personal friend of King Richard, and when Dale was given the dx of rectal cancer back in the 60s’ it was considered a death sentence.
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It was only a matter of time. You can’t see Gunn do the first movie without expecting him to pop back up in the third. Read more

I got a Happy Endings notice for this?
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Ada DID wind up the most powerful being in all the Seven Realms.  (Galavant -- Gone But Never Forgotten) Read more

I figured you’d answer “make like a Mohel, and just bring a tip. Read more

I’m hoping Chernow is going to pull a fast one here and call up Wolff, John Stewart, Stephen Colbert and maybe a few other heavy hitters to say, “Okay, guys, I need you to work together and pull out your most vicious material. You load the gun, I’ll get on stage and pull the trigger.” Read more

When the AV Club was mentioned, Mick should have popped in the room and muttered, “I hate Kinja.”
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And here I was, lamenting that my Charlotte-dwelling ass would never get to try this meat. Thank you for this information, friend! Read more

not to harsh on someone who got fucked by The Man but it sounds like your girlfriend should have quit her job and done something else if she was that unhappy with the situation. Read more

It was either six pies or forty cakes. And that's terrible. Read more

I can’t imagine hazelnuts going well with scallops... Read more

I noticed that, and I don’t think he even stood up this episode. They focused on Cecile when he stood up, and then we saw Joe from the shoulders down walking up the stairs, so it could have been anybody. Read more

I’m concerned about Jesse L. Martin’s health. He’s not sounding well, and every scene with him this season has been him sitting down (standing up once, and there was a quick cutaway) or leaning against a door. Hopefully he was just fighting the flu or something while filming these episodes.
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I thought Leonard Pierce’s reviews of Firefly TAS were on point. Read more

I have been a server for decades. Attitude = Unprofessional = She didn’t even earn the dollar. Who can’t tell when they’re dealing with a senior missing a marble or two? She should have been smiling and thankful to the old lady, while assuming the youngsters would make up the rest of the tip. Whatever the situation, Read more

I can’t think of any touted classic that so ruins itself like that — even with stereotypical or racist Westerns, you can argue the problems fit into the story in some way. Read more