Drakkon hears unmarked helicopters
May 1

You have two horses. They can both move 330 pounds of dirt 100 ft in one minute. Except one horse can move all that 330 pounds all at once. Albeit very slowly. This horse walks very slowly. The other horse needs to take 4 trips to move that 330 pounds. But this horse moves very quickly. At the end of that one minute Read more

Mar 24

I thought the energy drinks company did chassis work. To be fair they know a lot about aerodynamics and chassis in general; I heard their Formula 1 team isn’t horrible.

Sep 27 2019

Quite possibly the coolest Subaru ever - if not this one specifically, that era of Subaru rally cars.

Sep 18 2019

For fuck sake, can we have an under-car picture?

Jan 8 2019

This is fantastic. Being that it was about Aus/NZ, I legit wasn’t sure if the guy was serious or not until his part about towing the ship “outside of the environment”.

Jan 4 2019

Dude said he planned to never take it to the track and it was his car so he could what he wants with it. The car had other plans and thought a life as a street car wasn’t worth living.

Dec 31 2018

To this day, Mike Pence is kept up at night with thoughts of Russia Bears penetrating America’s vulnerable back door.