Fast travel from quest menu seems to work for places you haven’t been as well and you can do it from anywhere. Getting a quest in New Atlantis and being able to just fast travel their immediately from the menu is really nice and I’m glad I don’t have to run back to my ship and then jump etc everytime.  Read more

I’m sorry but for a movie this big that is also a sequel there is no way 15% of possible customers aren’t going to watch it because they don’t see Chalamet or Zendaya promoting it. Who only watches a huge blockbuster sequel like this because they saw an interview with an actor? I just cannot believe that equates to Read more

This is becoming a big problem on Amazon. There is a fake AI generated Warhammer 40k book on there now with the author listed as Henry B. Cavill. It basically costs these people nothing but time to generate these and add them to amazon and make money when people buy them without knowing any better. The fake 40k book Read more

If this continues to escalate and performers continue to end the show when it happens (they should) Eventually the other side of the coin is going to flip over and the people around them are going to administer justice by beating the crap out of them. They’ll probably deserve it, but that kind of mob justice can Read more

It is because of how they do these mystery boxes, which are pretty common in collectibles these days. If this mystery box is $15 you are guaranteed at the least to get one pop with a market value of $15, then the wonka is randomly awarded to one box as a prize. It isn’t gambling because you are guaranteed to get your Read more

It’s also a form of gatekeeping. If the language requires a lawyer to understand it then you’ve got to hire a lawyer. If it’s simple enough, but still legally enforceable, for a lay person to understand it then a lot of low-hanging fruit legal work could potentially be done by the lay person without having to shell Read more

This is incredibly dumb. The movie was already out, it’s not crossing the picket line even a bit and really makes them look whiny. Read more

It’s pretty crazy, but I will say that these limited Folio editions resell down the road for even stupider amounts. The LOTR they did recently that was around the same price is now reselling on ebay for $2200+ and the Philip K Dick one sells for quite a bit more than it retailed for as well.  Read more

Oh boy my toddler is going to just love this when we are watching Ms. Rachel on the tv. Goddamnit. Read more

The Lion is not a space marine, he is a primarch like Guilliman.  Read more

The novels are honestly some of the best sci-fi released in the last twenty years. IF they can pull the quality off and handle the central mystery properly this could be the next really big TV hit. The potential is there, it’s a perfect story for TV.  Read more

All of that and not one mention of the biggest news? The Lion, primarch of the Dark Angels legion, is waking up and coming back in the 5th Ark of Omens book and in time for 10th edition? Read more

Lol I am 39 and my great grandfather was alive during the civil war.  Read more

This is obviously a reply written by ChatGPT, wtf? Read more

Can you give any concrete examples of AI art that has straight copied a section of a real artists work? I keep seeing people say this but I have been unable to find an actual breakdown side by side, which I would expect to see front and center in all these articles. I am not saying it doesn’t exist I am genuinely Read more

Their response seems reasonable to me. AI art is here and it isn’t going away. We can either learn to live with it, or rage against something that can’t be changed.

To be honest, I don’t really see the problem with these generators training on these artist’s art. If I am a learning artist I am going to look at examples Read more

It’s pretty obvious Rocket has been aged, look at the closeups of his face. They’ve mentioned before his lifespan is short because he is a racoon. Most likely this is about Rocket getting close to death from old age and the Guardians going on a mission to find out about his past and try to rescue him and coming into Read more

I regret to inform you his daily driver is a model S  Read more

When my wife and I first got together she would have allergic reactions to my semen after sex. We just kind of powered through it and she became desensitized to it after a couple months. Her symptoms weren’t as bad or as long lasting as described in this article but it wasn’t fun for her. I felt pretty bad about it Read more

I’ve got bad news. CPU/GPU shortages will be back soon and even worse. Ukraine produces 50% of the worlds neon used in chip manufacturing. Both plants have completely shut down (one was destroyed in mariupol). Most manufacturers had anywhere from 2-6 months of stock built up but once it runs out they are going to be Read more