Sep 11

“For all of the Christians that are questioning my post with my husband’s hand on my boob Read more

Sep 8

heh You caught me. I follow... Jesus. What would a good Trump dog name be? I’ve got William Bark for William Barr.

Sep 2

“He’s versed in the archetypes of those who identify as far right, but he’s also, like many navel-gazing liberals, completely incapable of speaking to them.” Read more

Aug 29

When you are seriously ill, it is easy to focus on the illness and how miserable you are.  But Boseman not only continued to act but he acted in action roles, visited kids with cancer, and tweeted about voting.  He clearly was an incredible person.

Aug 29

I feel like I need to re-watch all his MCU films now understanding that he was battling stage 3-4 cancer... how do you even do what he did? The man was a true superhero. Fuck this timeline, im so sad about this. 

Aug 21

It wasn’t just Gabrielle that made these elements prevalent, but the writing as well. This movie was able to transcend it’s background and the other Bring It On movies because it was courageous enough to make the well intentioned white girl take responsibility for how she had benefited from her privilege without Read more

Aug 5

In an interview with Fox and Friends today, President Trump said the coronavirus “will go away like things go away,” falsely claiming children are “almost immune” to covid-19. Read more

Jul 31

Speaking for America, if you make millions/billions for corporations, then you get a free pass to do what-ever you want. It’s not just the film industry.

Jul 24

Whether it’s House members wearing Kente or these players kneeling, you can’t keep asking for/demanding solidarity then crapping on people’s efforts when they try to step up. At some point, “It’s not good enough” needs to stop being the default response. Read more

Jul 7

“I feel threatened” is the language upon which so-called Stand Your Ground laws were written. It doesn’t take a sage to read between the lines there: against whom, exactly, are you standing your ground?

Jul 7

1. “When Mr. Roid Rage...” Rage maybe but if he’s taking ‘roids, he’s getting ripped off and being sold sugar pills instead. Read more

Jun 28

....I’m confused. If they were trying to storm the stage, doesn’t that mean they didn’t like him being racist? And did Sacha Baron Cohen give these lousy people a ton of money as a donation to get into the event? Read more