Douglas Sonders
Jun 7

If pedestrians cannot walk across the bridge for fear of going deaf, I'd say that pedestrian protection system is working better than could be hoped for.

May 22

I too had a Land Rover (98 Disco I) and now drive a GX470. The Landy was great off road, but they totally earned their reputation for poor reliability. Meanwhile my GX just goes and goes—wherever I want. Read more

May 22

welcome to GXOR club.  GX will not disappoint.  while aftermarkets aren’t as extensive as 4runners, because of Prado there are still more than enough stuff you can do with them.  

Aug 24 2018

You know - If I had to imagine the face of the guy who got fired for posting his farts... Yeah. Pretty much that guy.

Jun 11 2018

Remember when Barack was President and we didn’t have to worry about who anyone was fucking and what porn they were watching?

May 18 2018

Sega Saturn? That’s the most baffling thing about this monstrosity. That’s a 25 year old console.

Jul 7 2017

“In this episode of Where are they Now?, we check in with the star of Turbo Teen”

Mar 8 2017

Cars have come a long way. Rollovers used to be downright lethal - not only is there no crumpled roof to crush the passengers, but that thing looks like you could easily open the doors.

Mar 4 2017

Yes... a 2+2 would have turned me into a buyer. Definitely one of the strengths of the 911.

Mar 10 2016

Its real, i went to high school with Nicole and I also have met the girls in the photo, Ali and Madison-who are rich, classless, entitled little girls. Their profiles were public until this happened and just made them private. The top off the convertable was off because it was in their secured parking garage, which i Read more