Feb 1 2015

Yes, you can definitely do better than the Republican! Honestly, I would also strongly advise running the other way from him, and not even letting him slither his way back into your life as a "friend" (even of the no-benefits kind). Did he apologize for abruptly cutting off all contact, or offer any sort of Read more

Aug 11 2014

The only Google+ product I ever use is gmail, actually. I've never used the circles or any of the social media stuff. So I'm probably there with you as a fellow crabby retiree.

Aug 11 2014

Another way around using your real name is to create a new account. I created a Google+ account, specifically for all my Kinja-ing, that's not linked to my real name or identity. I'm logged onto my "real" Google+ account on Chrome and the one linked to Kinja on Firefox.

Jul 22 2014

OK, except we get catcalled no matter what we wear, and regardless of whether or not we're wearing makeup. I started getting catcalled right after I hit puberty—at 10. I guess I deserved it, all dolled up in my sexy T-shirts.

Jul 10 2014

I'm starting to develop a intense, visceral hatred towards "LOL", as it is seems to often be attached to the end of obnoxious/douchey statements. You're not helping, Trevor J!

Jul 5 2014

What? If you're not being rude to waitstaff and are tipping appropriately, then you're not the enemy and no one in this article has said that you are.

Jun 25 2014

Ha, thanks! It's one of my favorite gifs. It was really the only thing I could think of when I read evejay's comment, in utter bafflement.