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Sep 2 2016

no she is referring to the “it” as herself which is why i wrote that she was deploying black men as “both object and misogynist,” although i’m mad now that i didn’t write “both object and objectifier,” as parallelism would have been better writing. fuck.

Aug 17 2015

Because it takes months to get in, it costs loads of money, even with insurance because a single tylenol costs $400, and because most doctors aren’t Dr House and don’t end up finding out what’s wrong with you until 4 years later because they always pick the easiest option instead of running full tests, etc etc. Read more

Jul 30 2015

I like how she thinks animals are worthy of respect and inner lives, but thinks outing a closeted gay man is ok because despite his status as a glorified accountant he is somehow "powerful" enough to warrant outing.

Jul 30 2015

Regarding animals in the same terms as people of color might be Jezebel’s hottest, freshest, whitest take yet.

Jul 30 2015

Between yoga workouts, a privileged white woman wipes off her cucumber facial scrub, sets down her glass of Prosecco, and widens her eyes at her latest brilliant epiphany. Read more

Jul 30 2015

agreed but also what an awful headline—not only hinting that the attractive/successful/and talented have no basis for depression & suicide, but also hinting that their suicides are somewhat more meaningful? Read more

Jul 13 2015

Now I see why Drake went and bought a beard. Shiiiiid I need to find out where he got his so I can start pulling the Serena Williams-es of the world.

Jul 12 2015

I know that I’m going to regret this, but what is “tribbing”, also, what is “dogging”?

Jul 12 2015

One of the search that confuse me is teen ranked number 3. I don’t think I have ever searched for it. I mean teens are fine but I just don’t see the difference between a 18 year old porn star body and a 25 year old pornstar body.

Jul 3 2015

Just because a dude is gay doesn’t mean he’s grossed out or has an aversive reaction to women. Platonic showers are a thing!