4/12/21 10:22AM

1st Gear: I’ll be intensely interested to see what the impact of remote working tools is on business travel post-COVID, which may have a similar impact. “This trip should have been a Teams meeting” is likely to be the new “this meeting should have been an email.”

But yeah, you’re right. We don’t have the infrastructure Read more

4/06/21 2:49PM

I have bought several old cars with very high mileage and been pleasantly surprised by all of them.

My current stable includes a 912E with unknown mileage, suspected to be in the high six figures, and a 944 Turbo with half a million miles on the original turbo and a head that has never been off of the block. Both run Read more

8/25/20 11:46AM

Reminds me at work back when we had walk up computers without passwords. An employee made the mistake of writing a cover letter to a resume on a walk up computer and leaving the file open. Next guy up did a search and replace on the word “Instrumentation Technician” with “Chicken Violator” and hit save. Read more

6/08/20 3:43PM

I would hate waking up one day realizing I bought a Corvette instead of a 911

1/31/20 9:46AM

Means their next sponsor will be Nissan - ‘Helping partners skirt bankruptcy!’

1/31/20 9:31AM

I’m a little bummed that it looks like Aston is taking a step back from future tech and leaning more towards traditional racing

1/24/20 5:36PM

Im willing to bet it was more likely to hold those large map books our forefathers used to navigate long ago.  

1/16/20 10:20AM

I heard that seven years ago, four scored.

10/02/19 5:06PM

Weren’t you just trying to buy a right-hand drive Cressida full of bees?