6:07 PM

Since they didn’t show anything, I sort of assumed that the Dregs weren’t killing people and were somehow turning them into Dregs so that they could survive in the external environment.
That would have made for a much better story.

4:25 PM

The real cautionary tale is about the dangers of not planning your shotlist correctly or using a script supervisor to actually make sure you get the shots you need, and trying to fix it in the edit booth, which is the main theme of this era of Doctor Who apparently. Read more

9:21 PM

When I was a kid I spent all morning watching 8 minute cartoons.

2:03 PM

Except she basically imposed her will on a city full of “boring” people to have the most boring orgy in the history of TV. Does that count as rape?

I think it does.

4:27 PM

It is what we are aiming for with representation, sure. But it was an ordinary act, presented mundanely, in the background, using one character who was quaternary at best, and another who was little more than an extra. It was the absolute bare minimum. If that were equal to anything like 10% of the representation Read more

7:08 PM

For sure. There’s not a specific reason to keep the timeline obscured like there is in say, Westworld season 1, it’s literally just obfuscation for the sake of having something to “reveal” later in the season. Read more

3:34 PM

Yeah, got to disagree here. I shouldn’t have to go to a website to figure out WTF is going on. If it’s impossible to follow the story the way you are telling it, you have failed at telling a story. Read more

12:29 PM

I must have skipped those comics/ eras. When I was reading in the ‘late 80's/ early 90's, nearly everything I read was pretty heavily driven by character. I think I stopped reading when things became less about character.

11:03 AM

This right here. It doesn’t matter if this service is available on Roku, FireTV, etc. They have so effectively marketed the Apple ecosystem that anyone outside of it [and there are a lot of us] automatically doesn’t pay attention. 

11:38 PM

Exactly! You can’t even pull up your iCloud account on your browser unless you’re on one of two browsers. Who builds a website that is browser dependent?

4:55 PM

TV+ might enjoy more success if they ported the app to Android. To watch on my device, I have to use a browser (per Apple web site). Doesn’t work, and there is no Apple support to help me, either officially or from their user community. They’re literally surrendering half of their potential customer base. Everybody Read more

4:21 PM

Yennefer’s transformation is just one of several media performances wherein a disabled person is magically cured to promote the idea that normality equals physically abled. Read more

9:07 AM

The power of plot is stronger than the power of the Force!

4:44 AM

This is just reminding me that the latest trilogy not only has no plan, it literally doesn’t know what it wants to do and it turned the Force into a Deus ex Machina for plot points. Read more

3:54 PM

I don’t think it can be included yet, because we really don’t know if this is permanent or not. Remember when Guitar Hero and Rock Band were EVERYWHERE? For a long time, it felt like they’d always be there ... until they weren’t. Fortnite’s incredibly popular, yes, and it’s created a bunch of imitators. But in five Read more

11:07 AM

“Lando on film wasn’t explicitly pansexual enough” just seems like a weird complaint. Read more

9:40 AM

I was about to comment something similar to you - that Star Wars is really pretty light on romance, and that’s fine with me. The Han and Leia “bad boy woos princess” thing in ESB just seemed like an 80's movie trope, especially when Lando entered the scene and Han is like “hands off my girl, pal.” (eyeroll). The Read more

8:17 PM

No. A liar is what we have right now. Maybe Pete has a different opinion than yourself on an issue, but that doesn’t make him a bold faced liar. You’ve given no evidence that he deliberately said something that he doesn’t believe in. From 20 fucking 11, when dude was still in his 20s. And he never said that his Read more

5:56 PM

And even in the dust storm scene the vehicles looked like they had real weight behind them, and the storm was struggling against gravity to lift them off the ground.