Jul 20

I second this, articles like this that are basically just a video are the worst :/

Jul 20

Is it possible to get a non-video version of the article? Would love to participate in the discussion. 

Jun 22

Only if they also write all their own software and don't integrate with anyone else. Which is what they want. But if they do that they risk people targeting cross-platform apps just targeting the browser instead. Then they won't be much better off than a Chromebook.

Jun 22

I would argue that TLJ is the best of the sequels — certainly the best-looking — but that’s not saying much. The stuff with Rey and Luke is great but the B-plot with the chase story is deadly dull — and a ripoff of BSG 2.0's “33.” (And yes, I’m sure Johnson recognized the irony of a Star Wars movie ripping off Battlest Read more

Jun 12

I don’t think people like going to dealerships. But they do like shopping. And I agree with them. Being able to look at, touch, and drive the car (or cars) you’re shopping for is pretty important, as long as you’re not the kind of person who just “buys the gray Camry”.

The rest of the experience, the dealership part, Read more

Jun 11

So is nobody at Disney/Lucasfilm really officially addressing the Chirrut/Baze relationship from Rogue One? Is it a China thing with Donnie Yen? Read more

May 28

More Superman would be nice but what I really want is more Napoleon Solo!

Apr 12

I’d like to add that pretty much none of the actors were my issue with the movies, and that includes Daisy Ridley. The story was a mess, and that’s really unfortunate. I didn’t like TLJ, and I also didn’t like the 180-degree course correction of TRoS. Neither of those movies had a talent problem, they both have story Read more

Apr 3

We’ve had noble Jedi before, I mean what about Qui Gon. He was the paragon of nobility before sacrificing himself for the greater good...oh, never mind. I forgot he purchased a slave child and left the mother to die in shackles.

Apr 2

Oh, agreed, though I thought Blues Brothers might qualify since there does seem to be an element of novelty for the titular heroes in it, at least IIRC. But I also have to admit it’s been a long time since I last saw it, and couldn’t recall just exactly how much they travel (do they leave Illinois at all?). Read more

Mar 16

Used to be novelizations were a fun way to find out the plots of movies before they came out, now they serve mainly to fix the movies so they make sense and are not an incoherent, rushed mess.

Mar 3

Yes! Trek movies don’t, and likely shouldn’t, make Marvel movie money. Don’t get me wrong, I’d love it if everyone loved Trek, but in order to make Marvel movie money you have to make light, relatively inoffensive movies that can appeal to just about everyone in just about every part of the world. Trek should be Read more

Feb 29

To do something different with it. The commentariat just spent the last year complaining Aladdin and The Lion King were too similar to its source, asking why remake those (besides money)? Now it’s the other half of the Internet’s turn to complain about a remake being too different Read more

Oct 21 2018

The staircase that leads downstairs is upstairs, in the master suite. That was made pretty clear throughout the entire season.