Oct 13 2016

That’s a lites car, which is tube chassis and half the horsepower. Just sayin

Oct 13 2016

No they’re not, but everything in that picture can be had with about $200-300k of work that a tuning shop can build. Read more

Oct 10 2016

I didn’t watch the debate, but from the picture, he strikes me as an AMC driver. Probably a strikingly-well-cared-for V8 Gremlin, or maybe an Eagle.

Oct 7 2016

V6 Mustangs are the SAE measurement but they use the metric system in Europe which is based on the Fiesta ST.

Sep 27 2016

They already are! The caveat is they only really work on smaller displacement engines, and while they’re good for low to mid-range power gains you see a fall-off at the top. Read more

Sep 25 2016

Three pedal Turbo I4 SCC for under $21K ? Been there, done that in 2003/4/5 already...

Sep 19 2016

Andretti Cart Racing is just this. They have both an electric and a gas location just outside of Atlanta...I can attest, driving karts against drunks sucks. They suck, are slow, and are sure to cause a large, painful crash...

Sep 19 2016

This is what happens when you solicit bids from graphic artists for a job, then take the rough concept photo they send you as a demo, use that photo without permission or payment, and not actually hire the graphic artist.

Which is all par for the course for Saleen.