Sep 8 2015

Cameras are allowed as long as it is not a direct feed to the coaches/staff. You can still tape it and watch it after the game for future use. The rule book is very clear about it being used during the game.

Sep 8 2015

“Filming from an unapproved location” has quite a different tone then implying that the filming itself was illegal. It’s 66 in a 65 zone instead of mass murder. And you well know it.
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Aug 26 2015

“Mr. Ambassador, you have nearly a hundred naval vessels operating in the North Atlantic right now. Your aircraft has dropped enough sonar buoys so that a man could walk from Greenland to Iceland to Scotland without getting his feet wet. Now, shall we dispense with the bull?”

Aug 18 2015

If this were a private data dump of women or LGBT, the treatment by gawker media would be 180 degrees different.

May 18 2015

Yes I could. It’s annoying, and then there is what to do the second half of the day? I’ve got shit to get done that isn’t dealing with poorly maintained facilities. I’m on the east coast, so it’s all bottled in NY or PA. We get the 5 gallon bottles delivered, but the folks I work with can’t figure out that if you Read more

Mar 25 2015

Netflix throws $80-100M at unproven original content. 10 episodes for the pilot season of Marco Polo was $90ish million I believe. With the already established world wide fan base of TG they could easily produce 6-10 episodes a year, plus yearly special.
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Feb 27 2015

This is a simple one...when the wipers go on for more than a few seconds, the headlights should automatically go on. Most states have "wipers on - lights on" laws, but every time it rains I see numerous cars driving around with their lights off...and wipers going. We all know that cars with their lights on make them Read more

Nov 27 2014

People these days have such an interesting conception of freedom. I'm not automatically disagreeing with it, it's just interesting how the idea has evolved: "You can't fire me, that's an attack on my freedom!"

Nov 1 2014

The "ugly fruit" is this... Basketball is one thing but it's wholly irresponsible to put a kid with special needs on a football field and not make it clear to the other team what's going on. It's become a thing and that "thing" has morphed into "look how great we are doing this for this kid!" and safety/common sense Read more

Oct 21 2014

I think a lot of us want Michael Sam to be really good at football. I want Michael Sam to be really good at football. But it might be that Michael Sam just isn't that good at football.

Oct 18 2014

Well if that's the case, he definitely won't be missed in Seattle. Things will change in New York, where Geno Smith will definitely miss him plenty of times on a weekly basis.