Drew M
Mar 6 2019

I’m no fan of Trump, but it’s also plausible that he was really saying, “We appreciate it very much Tim, Apple.” Saying, “We appreciate it very much, Tim Cook” doesn’t sound right given the tone and forum.

Aug 25 2018

In a just world, a man like John McCain would be recorded in history as a cautionary tale: a man of contrasts, recognizing and remembering the spiteful, capricious scoundrel he could be at his worst, as well as the honorable, tenacious patriot he could be at his best. He could stand ably for America’s own Janus-like Read more

Aug 19 2018

Might as well call her “Mother Mary,” 'cause that was an unexpected delivery.

Jul 24 2018

Hey now, that was in the past. Companies can change over time and bet better. It’s just people that can’t and should be forever damned. Wait... corporations ARE people, though. Garrrr my head is about to explode from the paradox here.

Jul 11 2018

What’s with giving Musk crap every time he tries to do something to help? Yeah, sometimes his contributions are minimal, but at least the man is actively trying to do something! There’s always complains that during tragedies, those with power to make a difference only offer their useless “thoughts and prayers,” Yet Read more

Jul 10 2018

If it suddenly started raining hard there or one of the remaining kids didn’t have the strength to dive, this capsule may have been a life-saver. No one knew. It was admirable that Musk dedicated his engineers and put this thing together so quickly, and kept going even though it increasingly looked like it wasn’t Read more

Jun 14 2018

you are so far off on this it’s hilarious. The SRB’s for the shuttle were reusable only in name. If they were recovered successfully they had to be 100% overhauled since they splashed down in salt water. The shuttle itself couldn’t get to space on it’s own, it was basically an alternative to a launch capsule, a fancy Read more

Jun 14 2018

What? A shuttle is not a reusable rocket. Also, the price of the shuttle was INSANELY much higher than SPACEX’s kit. Read more