Danielle Steinberg
Sr. Producer for Gizmodo, io9, and Earther. Previously PBS and Nat Geo. Lactose intolerant and addicted to ice cream. On a mission to make dad jokes gender neutral.
12:54 PM

I hate that I’m even admitting this... but I still use Airbnb for work travel sometimes... I will never learn, will I?! 

10:14 AM

Ohhh, they believed us. They gave us a partial refund, $100 voucher, and kicked the guy off the site. I’d like to believe this wasn’t his first shitshow rodeo, alas, I have no proof.

10:09 AM

As much as I love you all coming to our defense over Univision, it says FORMER colleagues. This was before I worked at Gizmodo... otherwise I would’ve named my colleagues. Of course we expensed it for business, but I’m not sure what difference that makes? I’m sure ANY company would be pissed about losing $$$... 

10:07 AM

We did complain and got a partial refund + $100 voucher for Airbnb. Plus he was kicked off the site. I’d also like to thank you for using the word “mishigas,” one of the only words in your comment worth reading. We took a picture of the broken lock (with him straddling the door) but really believed that each intrusion Read more