In Massachusetts, “Turn right at the Dunkin Donuts” would be a useless direction - they’re practically on every street corner. Read more

We found it, we found the post about the gauge cluster! We can all go home now! Read more

So is that a wing or a spoiler on the back of that station wagon?


in the pants of everyone in central Chile. Read more

I know. I love my car, especially daily driving on the “Prius tires.” :D Read more

You Don’t Have To Be Speeding To Be Found Guilty Of Drag Racing
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I think you summed up your entire comment by calling it an “Alpha.” Read more

Did you hear about the hipster who burned his mouth on pizza? He ate it before it was cool. Read more

I would also add this. Depending on where you are, they can be driven by high school students, working moms, or millionaires on vacation.

I’m going to go EL. It’s more efficiently mechanically, and I actually prefer the sound. Paired with a good exhaust it has a bit more of the Porsche flat-6 sounds (although obviously nowhere near as amazing). I feel like the Toyobarus with UEL headers sound like they are trying too hard to have the WRX rumble without Read more