What?!?! A DEA agent is a paranoid, idiotic, rightwing conspiracy theorist?! Read more

I mean honestly who are these people who insist on drinking whatever piss he is letting out? Do they have no sense of self-esteem or something, or are they just idiots?

Most of what Uncle Ben (aka Stephen) says makes no sense but that doesn’t matter to his handlers. He’s that safe Nigra they rent out to grin, fiddle and dance all the live long day while he bows his head and licks boots. He’d best be thinking about what is going to happen once they have used his shucking jiving soft Read more

Repub: Critical Race Theory teaches that all white people are evil oppressors and all black people are noble victims of that oppression, therefore I hate Critical Race Theory. Read more

Methinks the doctor had himself as a patient.

The spa is a private business. You don’t like their policies? Go somewhere else. Remember that whole free-market thing? Fuckin’ bigoted lunatics....

I appreciate and sympathize with Spear’s feelings, but I hope her new lawyer tells her to knock that stuff off until she is out of that hellish conservatorship; because that is exactly the sort of thing the conservator’s lawyers can use to say that she is not in full control of her emotions and thus needs a Read more

The Texas House Democrats give me hope, if only a sliver of it; the disgusting thing is, their protest is getting slammed by Abbott and the Texas GOP as “lazy/abandoning their duty” to enable them to destroy voting rights, reduce women to birthing machines, and erase any information about the barbarities that white Read more

To make things more interesting, her timing sucks. Sydney has for the most part had a very normal COVID-free existence for the last 15 months, but a few weeks ago an unvaccinated driver caught the Delta variant off an air crew he was transporting and now we are seeing between 60 and 120 new cases each day, which for Read more

Katie Hopkins is also in Australia doing this shite and could potentially be deported back to the UK for breaking quarantine rules by the LibNats in Australia. Read more

I’m honestly convinced her life is the result of a lost bet at this point.