Mar 2

So your 90s era furniture doesn’t accommodate technology from 30 years later? That’s a problem with the furniture not the televisions. What’s more important? A giant piece of furniture that does nothing or a giant screen that actually entertains you?

Feb 26

Tizen might be great as a watch OS but it sucks as a TV OS. Android TV is unquestionably better, so I really hope they don’t keep it just because of TVs Read more

Feb 25

I don’t know that the power windows analogy fits. There are a lot of people out there who just don’t need or want a touchscreen capable laptop. I’m certainly one of them. It’s just an opportunity for more fingerprints and it doesn’t make me any more productive for the type of work I do.

Feb 24

They would be profitable if they didn’t have pension funding requirements placed on them that are unmatched for any other public business. Republicans passed a poison pill law to fool people into thinking USPS isn’t self sufficient in order to try to privatize it. Don’t fall for it. Read more

Feb 24

Remove the pre-funding of the pensions requirement and the USPS would much more stable.

Feb 23

and the Lord Jesus spoke: “ye, if thou hast a rockin bod, make yon ducats on the site only for fans, my child! dolla, dolla bills, ye all!

Feb 23

I think this is a small step back in exterior design and a major step back in interior design from the current C. I know screens are all the rage, but the sheer amount of buttons on the steering wheel (there are two directional pads! Four shelves of buttons? Why??), general cluttered feeling of MBUX and the fact that Read more

Feb 19

The door could have actually supported both Rose and Jack, but not Rose, Jack and the plot. 

Feb 16

yeah, for those of us who actually own companies that make and have made a nice REAL profit every year, we must be doing something wrong since we arent valued anywhere in the same universe as these flavors of the month companies.

Feb 15

I think that her statement can be true and yet also flippant and remorseless. While prisons definitely need a massive overhaul and shift away from punishment and toward individualized rehabilitation, this particular woman is such a piece of work that I translate her little diatribe to: “Well, there was nothing in it Read more

Feb 12

Not to call you a liar but Dan’s Super Taunt costs 4 bars in SFIV, and an FADC costs 2. That combo you describe is impossible. A focus attack on its own is meterless but the cancel part of the combo burns meter. I think you might be remembering it wrong. Read more

Feb 11

Yes but Walmart is selling the PS5 for the same price as BestBuy, Amazon & Target.  They are providing a service by distributing the product from the factory to you.  Scalpers aren’t doing shit to add value to the deal.  

Feb 9

It turns out Warner Bros is entirely run by 13 year old Limp Bizkit fans. 

Feb 9

Yep, I’ve been at it for a while now and I don’t bother with margin or options. Yeah the allure of seeing some insane gains is there but the old tried and true works for a reason.

Feb 2

That’s some Olympic level mental gymnastics you just did to somehow tie this to videogames lol. Read more