Monday 6:09PM

Steadying his massive elephant rifle against a well positioned rock, the ‘Housing and Zoning Inspector’ for Troy Michigan, calmly emptied his entire stockpile of high-powered ammunition into the engine block of the “Excursion” Jeep. Read more

6/14/21 11:50AM

So if you are sleeping comfortably on your self driving bike and get run over by a man sleeping comfortably in his self driving car who is at fault? 

6/11/21 8:20AM

When you see me rolling up in this, you know what’s about to happen. I’m about to open the door, and saunter out in my baggy track suit wearing house shoes. I’m here to watch the local co-eds play some volleyball while I eat a concession stand corn dog. Read more

6/10/21 8:58AM

I think it’s more like “our understanding of physics is so poor that we would think this demonstration is bending it to our will”

6/08/21 10:45AM

If Mayweather could read this, he would be so mad at you right now.

6/06/21 1:33PM

The ability to make the world a “noisy place” is a lot harder than you think, given that the creatures destroy anything that makes noise.

6/04/21 8:24AM

Most of the cups in Japan have a small orange colored sticker on the top of the lid.

6/04/21 7:42AM

It’s been a while since I ate some cup noodle, but I have never noticed that sticker. Two possibilities : It was there and I did not see it OR it was not used outside Japan. 

6/02/21 11:34AM

Sales reached 120 billion yen ($1.1 billion), while operating profit hit 27.8 billion yen ($254 billion). Read more

5/26/21 12:48PM

It seems like if your whole deal is pushing engines to the point of catastrophic failure, you should, you know, prepare for that catastrophic failure. 

5/25/21 5:21PM

Make sure the punisher sticker is has a thin blue stripe on it to indicate you’re both compensating for something AND a fascist who can’t understand a comic book.