Distraxi's idea of perfection is a Jagroen
Jul 6

There are certainly Jaguars which would be sublime with electric power, but they’re the saloons not the sports cars. In the sports cars, the sound, smell, and tactility of the powertrain is part of the object of the exercise, whereas in the saloons the goal is maximum waft, with effortless go when required.

Jun 24

“Compact Executive” (aka “Aspirational”) and “Compact Luxury” aren’t quite the same thing. Certainly the cars you name are where the Compact Luxury buyers go because there’s no better fit. But the existing products are still too sports-oriented in ride and handling to be “luxury”. The A Series is the closest of all of Read more

Jun 23

Go back far enough and there used to be a niche for small luxury cars: compact, well appointed, generously rather than stupidly powered, and biased towards comfort rather than outright handling. The UK poster child for these to me is the Triumph 2000/2500 saloons of the 1970s. Read more

Mar 24

“Slow” is something the V8 Vantage didn’t suffer from - in its heyday it was the fastest production car money could buy. 170-odd mph, I think from memory, which was hellish high for the 1970s.

Dec 15

GTX the designator for a “Q Car”model of the Mk4 and Mk5 Golf in some Asian markets. Basically a GTI with the body kit deleted, all the options boxes ticked, and some additional wood trim.

Apr 2 2019

My boss and our head sales flew from New York to Los Angeles the day the skies re-opened after 9/11. They literally had a United 747 to themselves plus one other passenger. They did get bumped to first class :-).