Oct 4 2018

They can be fully fleshed out characters with flaws without pretending that straight, white, attractive people are under attack from the minorities and fatties who are victimizing them. I can’t see how that story line can work for anyone who isn’t a Trumper.

Sep 8 2018

The Beyhive is going to do what the Justice system wouldn’t.

Aug 23 2018

That......was......awesome. Whoever’s idea of putting that together, well, give them a raise!

Aug 21 2018

David Bowie called out MTV 35 years ago, hardly a damn thing has changed.

Aug 20 2018

I heard her on something—maybe Death, Sex, Money--and she struck me as really thoughtful and funny and quite clear eyed on her missteps and what’s been required of her to survive in a toxic industry.

Aug 15 2018

This is one of the worst cases of Economic Anxiety I’ve seen in a while.

Aug 14 2018

it’s exciting to me that benzo is being public about this - she has dated women on and off for years (sofu snow), as well as her ex boyfriend. whenever things got too public or heated with a woman, she would leave the woman to be with her ex bf. her family is super religious and she isn’t out publicly, so this is a Read more

Aug 14 2018

I’d have far less to say if one party involved wasn’t barely 18 when the relationship began. But yes, they seem happy.

Aug 14 2018

Isn’t there a whole meme about Bianca Lawson playing a teenager forever. It’s like I can’t even understand what’s happening in Queen Sugar because I think she’s still in high school.
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Jul 31 2018

Some of us are incredibly nervous fliers who find great comfort in sitting next to a friend/partner. I don’t ever zone out on a flight and relax. Not ever. I *do* often like to hold my husband’s hand during turbulence or bad weather on a flight. People: we’re all different. Read more

Jul 25 2018

The Maria Sharapova pic makes me feel deeply uncomfortable. Please take it down. 

Jul 25 2018

Yeah, that is hella weird. Also, she seems to be cosigning his negative impressions of Black girls. She keeps trying to tell the little girls to be nice to get boys to like them? What the hell? Clearly, there is something wrong with the way she has raised her son and what she has allowed him to be influenced by if a Read more

Jul 24 2018

Yeah, this stuff was all public and (while gross) NONE of it was illegal, unlike the actual rape and harassment exposed by #MeToo. I find it interesting that Jezebel staff are doing Cernovich’s job for him by failing to report where these accusations are coming from. At the very least it’s unbelievably shoddy Read more