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“This sultry child tricked an entire industry of responsible adults into self-destructing with her manipulative wiles.” Read more

I had a really good time watching Solo in the theater and later at home. That’s all I really wanted. Read more

I honestly didn’t realize Devo was on SNL that early–they must have blown minds. Read more

Lea Thompson needs to be in a new Howard the Duck film, too. Read more

Lea Thompson is still hawt.
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This makes me appreciate TPM more.

And the way Filoni said all that and monologued like that. I’m so glad he has influence on Star Wars.
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I think if he stuck with the formula from the original trilogy’s second and third entry (he works as a hands on producer with a story by credit taking a heavy hand in the initial broad strokes) that would have been the perfect mix. He works best when he’s got constraints on his work. Reigned in we get others tempering Read more

I don’t know what you think, but Phantom Menace is clearly about killing all the phonies. Read more

while im no jj fan, im not sure johnson deserves his own trilogy at this point. we can argue all day about whether the last jedi was good or bad, but my biggest issue is both his and jj’s major malfunction in communication and working together to make a coherent and coordinated plan. its like a college project. you Read more

I'd be willing to give Johnson credit if the story matched, but ep8 is bad. However, if he'd been given the lead for ep7 through 9 instead of just TLJ, then I think we'd all speak different about the sequel trilogy. Read more

Cheep is Chopper. you see his shell under the ywing at the end as they salvaged him.
The question is how did Hera get him Read more

Can i just say that the last 4 Episodes of the Clone Wars have been better Star Wars than everything else in the last 20 years.
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I knew William Hootkins played Porkins in Star Wars, and was one of the government guys at the beginning of Raiders, but until just tonight I didn’t know the Raiders character was named “Major Eaton.” Jesus Christ. He had to have been like, “Ha ha ha, George, I know, I’m fat, WE GET IT.” Read more

I have to admit, I have blocked out most of what happened in TLJ. I only watched it once, and I don’t think I’ve even cracked the seal on my Blu-Ray copy.

**edit: actually, it’s worse than that. I never bought a Blu-Ray copy. While I thoroughly enjoyed The Force Awakens, I don’t think I could even sit through a Read more

9 - The Blue Lagoon - $58,853,106
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I love how her various states of half-nekkid didn’t even try to make sense.
Here’s her “captain of the ship” outfit:

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The Blues Brothers deserves a bigger mention. One of the most expensive comedies ever made. R&B legends in their prime. A loving yet massively destructive portrait of old Chicago. Classic set piece after classic set piece with the confidence to play the comedy straight. A glorious farewell shot of 70's pre-blockbuster

Yeah, I can’t help but feel that the worst thing about the digital capture technology that Lucas pioneered with the prequels (the prequels make a lot more sense if you think of them as obligatory films Lucas had to make to do what he really wanted to do, which was to beta test a new generation of digital and Read more

Nice to see someone as upset about that change as I am!  James Earl Jones just nailed Vader’s mood in those three words and it’s infuriating that they we were discarded for such drivel.   Read more