Gavin S.

My son won’t eat crusts either but this machine does not take into account the inconsistency of Sara Lee honey wheat bread shape. I’m often seen molesting the tops of all the loaves to find the one with the shallowist trench from the baking process. Sometimes you just have to break out a paring knife and trace the Read more

Nov 20

Pedantic asshole here but a mile is 1.6 km not 1.8. Great article, though! 

Nov 15

Nothing. I love him but the topic has been nothing but Trump or some horrible shit that’s come to pass in this country because of him and I just can’t hear about it any longer. And I’m afraid there will never be a time when he’s not heavily covered be the media. Ugh. He’s a pestilence.  

Nov 14

I got as far as Bill Maher introducing that harpy mouthpiece before deleting the show. I just can’t watch him or John Oliver at this point. Or cnn, for that matter. It just enrages me to hear about that soulless fat fuck’s insane antics. And 70 fucking million brain dead American morons voted for him! God I wish we Read more

Nov 9

I bought this year’s ago while I was still deluded into believing I’d have a shot of surviving if the balloon went up. I have neither read nor eaten it yet.

Nov 9

It’s people like Trump and his cadre of soulless cunts that make me wish hell existed so they could suffer an eternity of Boschian torture. 

Nov 6

5G network is pretty high on my list of things I’d like to never hear again. Donald Trump’s voice is way out front on that list, though.

Oct 29

I'm all out of freak out. The shelves of my darkest fears are bare. 

Oct 22

You give them too much credit. His supporters would not understand half the words in that sentence you typed.

Oct 14

From the department of redundancy department, "Racist, Pro-Trump" 

Oct 13

I got a butt dial voicemail from my son's mother once while she was in the midst of beginning an 3some with a friend and her husband. I only listened to the point of understanding what was going on. She was pretty mortified when I told her what had happened. 

Oct 3

“im furious. wear your masks. dont listen to our fucking idiot president piece of shit. protect yourselves and those around you.” Read more