Mar 10 2020

This is the first time something on the Takeout pissed me off. I live in NORTH DA-FUCKING-KOTA. It doesn’t get more Midwest than that. I’m sorry our culture is third world to you. But you’re gonna receive the brunt of my “fuck you”. I’m so sorry we exist at all. I live in Grand Forks. Yeah, the Grand Forks that Read more

Mar 9 2020

Sorry, but every single article ripping on Midwest food sounds horribly pretentious. Every single one.  Read more

Feb 25 2020

Keep in mind this was a Randall's from the 80s.  If it was an HEB from today, he would have requested asylum on the spot.

Feb 15 2020

Actually, the weirdest thing is the SEGA movie logo showing a bunch of awesome classic IP SEGA has no interest in ever using again.

Feb 7 2020

Im sorry, did you just call the Delorean ugly??

Jan 27 2020

Bumblebee managed to have the Transformers look  much truer to their roots and they looked great 

Jan 23 2020

Yeah... just jack those 80's 90's characters straight into my veins. I don’t think anime has gotten worse or anything, but that older style really speaks to me.

Jan 7 2020

Listen up all of you dixie whistling Nazi fucks, there would be no ISIS or theocratic Iran if it wasn’t for American traitors, mostly republicans, willing to lick Saudi ass for oil and money. George W. Bush made ISIS and his Saudi puppeteers are still paying for it.

Nov 12 2019

Seeing all those alien creatures on the ship brought back some long-dormant memories for me too. I remember loving that movie as a kid, but haven’t thought about it in probably 25 years.

Nov 1 2019

Sometimes I try to explain square one to people and I sound like a crazy person. They insist I am making this mythical show up. Read more