Jun 11 2019

Just get rid of him already, all these fucking people and their disgusting fucking edgy streams, learn some manners and laws because this shit is tiring.

May 13 2019

Any discipline they may have received has been kept under wraps, although the investigating officer recommended “non-punitive letters of instruction.” Read more

May 9 2019

Of course, if he just kept it all digital we wouldn’t be having this conversation. Read more

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May 9 2019

You can’t go wrong with a digital gauge - unlike with analog ones, as we all should very well know by now. Read more

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Feb 13 2019

Getting stuff from that deep would cost far more than anything down there is worth.

Feb 7 2019

I don’t totally disagree about the movie, but the book was great. And as for antisemitic, was it showing an ethnic stereotype in Rachel’s parents in the opinion of someone that isn’t trolling io9 Kinja?

Feb 7 2019

In the book Jud Crandall explains the history of the Pet Sematary. It was abandoned by the Micmaws because it was cursed. It was used only occasionally after that by people with Indian heritage. When Judd was a kid they revived his dog but it was never right, they also revived a cow but they had to put it down because Read more

Jan 4 2019

Warehouse full of brand new 23 year old luxury cars... sketchy story of how they were acquired from someone in bankruptcy... owner doesn’t want anyone talking about him... Read more

Dec 31 2018

I’d be fine if there was only glitchless categories, that’s all I ever run, but I think that the glitched runs still take a lot of execution and knowledge of the game on par with glitchless, and should have at least a modicum of respect.

Dec 31 2018

They created an account called gamebreakingischeating to comment on an article about a speedrun that breaks the game.

That should answer the question.

Dec 31 2018

What? Absolutely none of this involves hacks or cheats. Every bit of this is just using in game mechanics to achieve unexpected results. If you think this “isn’t a feat of the human mind” then where do you think it came from? Did a machine come up with the route and the glitches?

Dec 31 2018

So instead of ignoring the thing you don’t like, you don’t think anyone should do it? How self-centered do you have to be to come to that conclusion?

Dec 31 2018

It takes a lot of patience, practice and discipline to be able to pull off glitchruns at this speed and precision. It absolutely is a feat of the human mind.

Dec 30 2018

Very very impressive, this game always boggles my brain when its speedrun.

*note; to the people that eventually say `wow breaking the game isnt speedrunning its disgraceful cheating`, as they always do, go watch in-bounds portal 2 speedruns or something, it may be more to your taste. Games have plenty of categories for Read more