1/22/16 9:26PM

Of course they’re scripted. But that doesn’t mean they’re not physical. WWE wrestlers throw each other around 300 nights a year. You don’t do that without some wear and tear.

1/22/16 9:10PM

You're wrong. It's all real. Thankfully, though, Sgt Slaughter regained his love for America and is no longer on Iraqi sympathizer.

1/22/16 7:46PM

Outcomes and moves are basically scripted and choreographed but not everything always goes as planned. Falling off the top of a ladder or going through a table, even one weakened to dull the impact still hurts.

1/22/16 7:21PM

It’s scripted, but it’s not pain-free. Taking powerbombs and suplexes 300 times a year on top of the travel and no “offseason” fucks you up real good. There’s a reason painkiller addiction has always been rampant in the industry.

1/22/16 7:04PM

They beat the snot out of each other and throw themselves at the ground five nights a week. Just because the outcome is predetermined doesn’t detract from the damage they do to their bodies or the skill it takes to do it well.

1/22/16 12:45PM

Well, I moved to Metropolis, but then it got leveled by space aliens. So then I moved to Keystone City, and then it sunk under the ocean. So then I moved to Coast City, and it got nuked to ashes. So then I said screw it, moved to rural Kansas to this no-nothing town called Smallville. Read more

12/08/15 1:07PM

Now THIS is the content i come to io9 for.

10/28/15 1:39PM

I got to say with some of the redubs for Kai you can really tell the differences between the acting performances. Both of the actors (Sabat especially) has nailed the voices, they’re old pro’s by this point and anything that was a little off early on has been corrected. Honestly I stopped watching Dragon Ball Super as Read more

10/21/15 5:08PM

Didn’t Ebert (or another famous critic) once write something like “It would be a very different film without Crispin Glover’s performance”? Totally agree.

10/21/15 5:07PM

Crispin Glover is great, but the heart of the film is Christopher Lloyd’s performance as Doc Brown. He’s absolutely mesmerizing—every scene he’s in, he is doing something that makes you want to watch him even though the ostensible action is happening elsewhere. His delivery is beyond perfect; even some of the script’s Read more

10/12/15 1:28PM

that outfit tho! i know it’s been a while, but i could have sworn mib was a cool movie at the time...