Apr 17 2016

The context of Motoko Kusanagi’s prosthetic body, is that it is a mass produced general default basic female model that is given by the government to people who can’t afford a custom top of the line prosthetic body, via the government health service, it’s very looks is meant to fit a country with a homogeneous Read more

Mar 3 2016

I for one am in love with this sort of art style, its not as common in shows today but the character designs (mostly proportion and “realism”) of Ergo Proxy, Ghost in the Shell: SAC, Moribito, Bahamut: Genesis, Berserk (old and movies) have always been my favorite. I think of it as “Production IG” style, but of course Read more

Sep 29 2015

Oh god writer of the Fantastic Four, it doesn’t matter which one it’ll be bad...

May 31 2015

Ergo Proxy is the “greyest” show i’ve ever seen, not just the world is depressing per se, but the collour pallet is literally so gray that is depressing. Read more